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Hello from Maine

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Hi Folks. I'm GrampaDennis. I'm kind of a conservative old fart (nearing 66), and I sometimes yield to the temptation to say what's on my mind. When I do, I just may not be politically correct.:D I'll try to keep it civil, though.

I have relatively little firearm experience, but I recently bought a shotgun, which is described (with photos) in my thread in the All other Models Forum. I also own a 22 semi-auto rifle. I posted a thread about that, titled "An old Home Defense story" under Shotgun Talk.

I started posting first, then decided to introduce myself here. Maybe in the wrong order, but I got 'r done.
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Hello there GrandpaDennis. I have been to Maine and I must say. I Love that state. Hope to return to in some day soon...I love L.L.Bean.. and those Lobster meals.
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state. :cool:

State of over "1 MILLION 120 THOUSAND" Concealed Carry Licenses and counting!
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