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Hello everyone, name here is Clancy.. I'm new to the forum.. I have a new hatsan Escort MP-A semi auto and would like add a Magazine Extension Tube to hold a couple more rounds. I like to attend our local clubs defensive pistol shoots and there is often a Shotgun stage. Its a lot of fun. A couple more rounds in the Shotgun would be a real plus. hatsan makes an Extension tube but says " we don't sell those in the U.S. " I have seen some chatter on the web about the Extension tubes for the remington 870. some say it might fit.
So I'm here hoping you all have some input on that.

Thank you


In case you were wondering if I liked the Escort shotgun I'd say yes.. very comfortable gun. Less recoil than my Mossberg 500 20 ga. I have run about 30 rounds thru it so far.. I know that hardly a real test. So far it has run flawless. A couple things i would change: The trigger is a bit heavy. I handed it to my daughter and she had trouble pulling it. She has no trouble with the mossberg.. Also an adjustable stock would be a plus. The ammo was the Estate brand. I added a grip to the front. It attaches to the picatinny rail. Its got a super bright LED spotlight built into the grip.. Pretty cool stuff...
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