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H&R Pardner Protector

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Was wondering if anyone has had any thoughts on this shotgun, let me know good or bad. The store up the street has them for $159 and im on the fence on whether or not to get one, thanks
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I dont own one but from all accounts I've ever read they are a real bargan like the Mav 88! Shotgunworld forum will give ya what ya need on this shotgun but there are some posts somewhere deep in here that speak well of it.
Bought mine from dicks last time they were on sale, such a great shotgun for the price. I took it the next week and put about 200 clay loads , 20 slugs and 10 00 sd rounds. No FTE's or FTF's , I did jam it up twice though but was my fault. I really like the beefy feel of it, feels nice and solid, the rubber but pad is great and recoil is timid.

You cannot beat the price, I toss it around and abuse it and she likes it.

Also I had a dumb moment and dropped the barrel on a cement surface, I though for sure I messed it up , picked it up and it rubbed right off, not a mark.
heard great things about it. only thing i have heard that doesnt interchange with 870 pats is bolt and barrel. tho i have heard of people putting 870 barrels by modifying it
I did a bit of research on them when I was looking for a simple HD shotty and ended up getting one about a year ago. They go for about 189.00 regularly around here and thought it was worth it. 159 sounds like a great deal. I've only put about 150 rounds of standard 00 buckshot and LE low recoil 00 buckshot but have had zero issues. I also found a lot of useful info on youtube.

From what I've read, the other 870 accessory that doesn't fit is the magazine extension.
I have one. for the $130 i paid new OTD, it is a hell of a good 870 clone. I actually like it better than my father in laws 870 express. Really quite good recoil pad. As mentioned it does not take barrels and extension that fit the Rem.

Solid gun, seems reliable, great buys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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