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H&R Pardner Protector 12 gauge - opinions?

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On sale right now for $179.99, should I get one or spend more on a mossberg for HD?
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I had a 870 and wanted to to get a 18 1/2" barrel for it. But looking at prices realized I could get the H&R or a Maverick88 for just a little more. The H&R is a Chinese copy of the 870. And the Meverick88 is based off of the mossbergs. Since I have a 870 I went and got the H&R. I have shot about 200 rounds through it and have not had any problems. I have also heard that the Maverick88s are really good as well.

I got mine for 180 out the door from Cheaper than dirt. Since I live by their store I picked it up there, so no shipping or FFL transfer fees.

I really am happy with my purchase and would not hesitate to do it again.
I agree with the above post. When i was in the market for a cheap HD shotgun, I choose the Maverick and believe the price was $200. I have been happy with the mossberg. I think either one will suit your needs!
Never heard a bad thing about the Pardner except from a few 870 fanboys that are pissed about patents and what not.
On sale right now for $179.99, should I get one or spend more on a mossberg for HD?
So what have you decided?
I have a H&R. Works great. Lots of fun. Although it's a PITA to switch barrels. You have to send the whole gun minus your current barrel to H&R for fitment.
I've had one for a couple of years and had no issues. Seems like all posts are about the same. Price is good; go for it.
I've been trying to get my STI stock on my pardner, if STI would include all the parts I would have had it done...3 WEEKS AGO!
They are better made then Mossberg or Remington in my opinion. Remington stocks and sidesaddles fit these also. Factory stocks are heavy. Swoped mine out for a slighlty used Blackhawk stock for $40.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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