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H&R does not always mean single shot shotguns.
A neighbor of ours is an FFL and he usually has a few old, obscure firearms in his small shop. I have been a customer for many years, so he will put a gun I want in his backroom on layaway for me, pay as I can.
Right now it's an H&R Game Gun, a 16 ga bolt action, tube magazine fed, Model 120 shotgun.:D
Asking price was $90, I have already put $40 on it. A couple more paydays and it will go home with me. We have already test fired it out his back door (I love country life).:)
I have not been able to ascertain when it was made, early 1940's I'm guessing.
I'm thinking that after I get this, that Winchester Model 37 single shot he's got will make a good companion since it's a 16 as well.
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