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Ghost Sights for Mossberg 500?

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I just acquired a Mossberg 500. I was looking into installing some ghost ring sights.

I was looking for something like this:

Cheaper than Dirt had them for $70, and other places carry Tritium, which I wasn't looking for.

Anyone have any good guesses as to where to get them? Or, any other suggestions for an inexpensive Ghost Sight System?
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I just googled for them. The sight on the reciever you can mount your self. On the barrel it needs to be soldered on by a gunsmith. You can buy the barrel with the sight on it already from Mossberg and then install the ghost ring yourself. I think I will buy the one from mossberg. Then I have my regular 18 1/2" barrel, my new 18 1/2" ghost sight barrel, and my 28" hunting barrel. And I don't have to hope that the gunsmith I pick doesn't mess up the solder job.
try Mossberg. My 590 came with em.
XS Sight Systems - Shotgun Sights

i know of them, i dont have them, my 870 is still bone stock, i am set on getting a knoxx spec opps adjustable stock i think $120 ish, everything else is still in decision phase.

that seems pretty sweet to me, mesa has quite a few fans on this board and seems to make nice stuff.

read this thread
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I picked up the Mossberg ghost ring sights for my Mossy, just like the link above, and i like them pretty well. The problem with them i had was that the instructions for their installation told the gunsmith to use something like 'black magic compound' to attach the front sight to the barrel. I put a few slugs through it after the sights were installed and then i looked down the barrel and the front sight was missing! The smith ended up drilling, tapping, and screwing the front sight on. The front sight isn't going anywhere again now. You may have different results.
Can you get the front site that will screw into the bead screw hole?
My 590 came with them. I decided my "outside" shotgun should have them, because I was used to them from the Remmington short barrels I was used to shooting with had them and I like them. It makes slug shooting at 25 yards sooo much easier.
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