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FN Tactical Shotguns

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Does anybody here own or has anybody here shot either the FN Tactical Police Shotgun (TPS) or the FN Self-Loading Police Shotgun (SLP)? I am more interested in the autoloader than the pump as I already have a great Rem. 870.

I am looking to get a new shotty and despite my familiarity with the Benelli, Remington and Mossberg autoloader options, I am weighing all my options at this point. Anybody have any feedback on the FN's?
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Awesome. I love mine. It is in the group of guns that I WILL NEVER SELL!!! EVER!!!!

Cycles very fast. Super light.

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i have a Benelli M1 super 90 and a SLP, there both great shotguns and you can go wrong with either one
To get directly to an answer. The TPS(FN Pump) is essentially a gussied up Winchester 1300. My friend owns one. He bought it because it has the FN name on it and he has too much money. It is a nice shotgun. seems a little pricey for me, for a pump.

The FN SLP is based on the Winchester Super X2, semi auto action. Very fast and reliable. Very light. I am not sure if you are looking at the 18" SLP or the Mark 1, but I have the 18" and it is very light. Very maneuverable in close quarters. Cycles faster than my Benelli M1 Super 90, but NOT quite as fast as an M4, in my opinion. It is a good bargain for a gas operated shotgun. Especially when buying used like I did.
I wonder if you could get an X2 and convert it :confused:
I wonder if you could get an X2 and convert it :confused:
It would be a LOT to convert!!! The action is the only similarity. FN licenses it.
Oh ok, it looks like a VERY nice shotgun, im not into the M4 stocks people put on shotty's and that FN is a very handsome gun.
I have a Mossberg 930 SPX which is an identical twin to the FN SLP, check it out as Im sure it is less expensive. It is amazing, never fails, shoots 8 in 2 seconds and, similar to the above it is the one weapon that will NEVER be traded or sold.
Well, since it is so handsome, here is another picture of it for you to look at.....

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Awesome...thanks for the info, guys. I don't currently own a semiauto shotgun at the moment other than an old Winchester with a long "goose gun" barrel that I haven't shot in years.

I have been thinking of getting a new "tactical" shotgun and the FN crossed my radar screen. I am more likely going with the 18" SLP and not the 22" Mark I. I like the idea of the 8+1 on the Mark I, but not the extra weight and 4" of barrel.

I am also seriously considering the Benelli M1S90 (used) and M2 Tactical shotguns, but can't see much if any improvement for the additional costs. While I'd love an M4, but I am not paying $1400+ for a shotgun!! :( My other options are the Remington 11/87 Police/Tactical and the 1100 Tactical. I'll also have a gander at the Mossberg 930.

The only issue I am having is I would prefer a pistol grip stock, which the FN does not offer. Does anybody know of a source for aftermarker parts/accessories for the FN, including stocks, side saddles, etc.? Will Winchester components (like for the X2) work on the FN?

BTW: That is a great lookin' shotgun, LUVMYSIGP225.
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definatley the most bad ass looking shotguns out there, i love FN stuff i havent shot one of these, but i do want one badly, but then i want one of everything FN makes :p.
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Hey Brasky. I am going to be in your neck of the woods tomorrow night. Potter's in Jackson, MI. Wanna get the drink on? PM me.
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