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FN SLP MK 1 reviews

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I have owned mine since late 2009 pre final election panic and have nothing but good to say about it :cool:

FN SLP Mark I Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun

Comes from FN with a nice plastic hardcase, big enough for two long guns

Mods I have done are

Tac Star Sidesaddle

Nordic oversized fluted bolt handle

Nordic oversized bolt release

Otis 2 shell elastic/velcro shell holder mounted just forward of the chamber

Holo sight

Rail for a light (Procyon strobe) that replaced the forward swivel, has a swivel mount on the rail

Uncle Mikes 3 point nylon sling

New dedicated Hoppes cleaning kit and a bore snake

1K S & B 12 pellet 00 buck, which are longer than 2 and 3/4 so only 7 of those bad boys fit in the magazine

Have 'puter issues so can't post pics of mine, but I will
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Another more comprehensive review

i love mine, ive owned many shottys and this is by far the best!! 100% happy from factory i added a few things but nothing major yet when i get back home in a few months imma dremel the loading port area ECT
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Picked one up a few weeks ago, a very lightly used one (about 50 rounds), for a deal I couldn't pass up. I was originally looking at Rem 1100Tac 4's, as the SLP was out of my price range, but I found this one.

So far love it, it was a fairly new gun so I started shooting it with the recommended heavier 1300fps 1 1/8 stuff, but so far has been shooting the 1200 fps 1 1/8th stuff just fine. Going to try it on even lighter loads next time out to see if it has a limit on how light and still functions.

This is my second FN gun, also have an FNAR which has been a great gun. So I'm definitly becoming an FN fan. Look forward to taking it to some 3 gun and practical matches (I'm a newbie, but still have fun). May also start getting back into trap and skeet with it but will probably need that 28" ribbed barrel for that (future purchase).

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