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First time over/under owner

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I just bought my first over/under. It's a Franchi Instinct L 20 gauge. I'll use it mainly for skeet and a i'll quail hunt with it a little. I have it set up to shoot the bottom barrel first with the improved cylinder and the top barrel second with the modified choke. I was wondering if this is a good set up for both skeet and hunting or should I tweak it. Any input is appreciated.
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if your gun is fixed choke.....when you are on the 1st half of the skeet range, shoot modified first on the departing bird.
when you get to sta 4, use only the IC choke on both high and low. when you get to sta 5, switch. shoot IC 1st coming in and mod going out from your right.
on 8, use just IC.

if it has screw in chokes, buy another IC and shoot IC in both bbls.
If it has screw-in chokes my recommendation would be skeet and skeet. For hunting I would change to a little tighter chokes. JMHO
For hunting it would depend on the birds you hunt and how close/far they are. Birds over dogs that sit tight until you are right on top of them? IC/IC works great. If they flush, then IC/M, or even a M/IM. When I lived out West, the quail were runners and flew early - tight chokes. Here in FL, they are planted and sit tight, so C/IC or similar is all you need.
Most skeet shooter prefer shooting the bottom barrel first because you get less muzzle rise, allowing you to recover faster for the second target (on doubles).
I've always preferred skeet or cylinder bore chokes. The shot distances are just too close for tighter chokes to be any advantage.
For skeet, I use Skeet/skeet, both barrels. Hunting quail, I leave the skeet tubes in, they are good to about 40 yards. For pheasants and rabbits, I go with IC/Mod....Robin
With changeable chokes I use skeet, skeet chokes shooting bottom barrel first. I also shoot a browning superposed 20 gauge with fixed chokes. They are IC, Mod and that works fine too. Just makes it more of a challenge.

Have fun.
I just picked one of these up for my girlfriend. I think it's a really pretty gun and light. Seems like it has a nice recoil pad on it too. Her old stevens beat the snot out of her shoulder.

I ended up getting two additional extended chokes and have it set up with skeet on the bottom and IC on the top. She didn't get to try it yet with this setup. You can use the benelli chokes on this shotgun.
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