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First Shotty - What type?

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I'm not looking to start the "What's the best shotgun" thread. Instead, I would like to know for a first shotgun, am I better off with the LGS recommendation of a cheaper pump action or more traditional shotgun or should I get the Saiga 12 that offers more modification potential?

If I showed up at the local club to shoot clay's with a Saiga, would I be laughed off the firing line?
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i was looking at the saiga 12 real hard when i was shopping for a shotgun. i ended up going with a mossberg 500. i think saigas are sweet guns but to get it where i wanted with a conversion it would have been around 1k. i found the mossberg 500 at big 5 with a combo pack, i got the 18.5 and 28 bbl so now i have home security and a bird barrel. it cost me $300... with that $700 i can buy more guns and bullets. then down the road if i still want it i'll get a saiga.

if this is your first shotgun i would recommend going the less expensive route first. the mossberg 500 is a reliable platform with tons of models and customization options out there. you may find you don't like shotguns and then you will have wasted money on the saiga.

i'm not saying mossberg is the only good shotgun out there, but it is what i own. i hear remington makes a decent pump also.
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Mossberg 500/590 or a Remington 870 would be good choices, IMO.
I got my Rem 870 and it came with 2 barrels. Since ive owned it +10 years I have yet to have a issue and very simple to clean and tear down.
Mossberg 500/590 or a Remington 870 would be good choices, IMO.

I prefer the 870.
Hard to beat an 870. Mine' been awesome for over 15 years.

I would like an auto or over/under for birds/clays though.
A pump gun is probably a better choice, but if you can hit clays with a saiga, then don't worry about people laughing.

I have a Rem 870 and a Mossberg 835. I prefer the mossberg; it fits me a little more naturally and I like the location of the safety, but there's nothing "bad" about the 870.
+1 for the Remington 870 pump

I've had one for years, it was my first and still my favorite shotgun.
Can't say enough raves for the venerable old 870 Remmy. They haven't changed since they were originally made back in the 1950's and there is a reason why.

I would buy an old loose well used 870 over a brand new one any day though due to more metal parts inside and a very smooth action.
I like the weatherby pa08 myself.
Mossberg 500/590 or a Remington 870 would be good choices, IMO.
Ditto, I went with a Mossberg 590. I like pump since I can feed it light loads and not have worry if it will cycle a gas driven semi-auto.

- Mike
Can't go wrong with a Remington 870. Tons of accessories available and you can easily go from tactical to field gun and back again.
as others have suggested, either the Rem 870 or Moss 500 are great basic level shotguns. When I decided between two, I leaned to Mossberg for location of safety and action release, but that was just my preference.

I bought the two barrel combo at Big 5, on sale for $249 early last year, which I thought was an awesome deal. Just checked and it is on sale now for $279 which is still a great deal. 28 inch for hunting or busting clays, 18 1/2 inch for HD or multigun matches. Here is linky:
Big 5 Sporting Goods - Weekly Ad Specials

After recommending, I should mention one thing to consider - the long barrel with the combo cannot be choked. Not a big deal for me, I do trap with open, but YMMV.
Mossberg 500/590 or a Remington 870 would be good choices, IMO.

I have a Mossberg 500 and love it
Im gonna say, depends on your intended use.
Hunting, Home defense, range queen, tactical make up accuracy with volume shooter?

A pump is a good starter. cheap, some options of modifications, reliable.
A semi is going to cost more, and may (not always) be more finicky to ammo and dirt.
A double (sXs or O/U) is limited on mods, but have a more classic look.
Buds has some maverick 88's for around 200 bucks. Thats what I would get for self defense. I have an 870 that is an amazing at shooting whatever I want out of the sky, also have a mossy 500 20 ga with a slug barrel i use for deer hunting and i doubt i ever even consider any other gun for the 4 legged animals i like it so much.

Never had a problem with the 500, only problem i have with the 870 is that when i shoot the cheap bulk 100 count ammo packs occasionally the aluminium will expand and it can be a PITA to shuck the shell out.
Ditto on the Mav 88....Very good reliable economy priced shotgun. I would'nt hesitate to grab it over my 870P or 500 Persuader. It has about 500 rounds thru it and not a miss. I beat the hell out of it and feed it cheap **** all day and it still goes bang!! But hey if ya want to spend it then atleast get the 870 Police magnum with Walnut furniture for the classic look and excellent function....:cool:
I own and love three Remington 870s. I've owned two Mossberg 500s and sold them both within months after buying them. Just didnt like the forearm rattle...
Really between mossberg and Remington you will be happy..both have the ability to be customized to your liking or even to stay stock both are great choices....

I bought a remington 870 Tactical that I loved....But I wouldn't be against having a Mossberg 590 either.
If you want a pump--870 or 500, whichever you prefer.

If you decide you want a semi-auto...get a Benell.
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