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Finish and sights question...

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I have been looking at purchasing the Mossberg 590 MA1. While I am looking for a good deal, I wanted to know other peoples thoughts on buying one that is Blued vs Parkerized. I also was curious on what you think about ghost ring sights vs 3 dot vs bead?

Thanks for any info and opinions.

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As far as I know the M590A1 only comes in parkerized. The standard 590 has the blued finish. M590A1 has the heavy walled barrel, and aluminum safety button and trigger guard, opposed to the standard barrel thickness and plastic parts on the standard 590. Not knocking the plastic parts on the 500/590, I have the 500 and have put several thousand rounds through it with no problems at all. Unless you are the type to just beat the hell out of your equipment, you'll never hurt the plastic.

I was in the same boat as you recently, wanted the M590A1, but could not decide on sight setup. I generally prefer a plain old bead sight on a shotgun, but when I compared prices in my area, the full blown 590A1SPX was not that much more. Comes with Ghost Ring LPA sights, ported barrel, and Bayonet. (Model 50771)

I was skeptical of the ghost ring sights at first, but ended up really liking them. There plenty fast to get on target, and aren't actually tall enough to disturb my cheek weld so all is good.

As far as the finish, I like the Parkerized, more of a mat finish opposed to the shinny of the blued. Time will tell as to the durability, but supposed to be pretty good.

Oh, and no, I cant think of a logical reason to have a bayonet on my shotgun, but when I snapped it into place just to see, I couldn't help but smile at the awesomeness:cool: even the wife, who before that thought it would be just as corny as I did, was like "whoa, that's bad A$$":lol:

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Just curious what you paid for yours if you dont mind me asking. I have not found the model you purchased locally.

The only reason I asked about the blued vs parkerized is because I saw one on a website that said the finish was blue. After going to the Mossberg website, I see that all of the MA1 were parkerized.

I was leaning toward the ghost ring sights after holding one the other day at Cabela's I really liked the way it looked. I have only used a shotgun that had the single bead in the past.

I will look around and see what I can find online. Thanks for the info.

I paid just over 600 plus tax and what not. A little on the pricey side for a pump shotgun, but worth it for me.

They didn't have it locally here either, had to order it, but it got here in like 2-3 days.

Also, being that I'm in Kalifornia, I may have had to pay more than you can get it elsewhere.

When comparing prices between the bead sight only model and the SPX, in my area there was only like a $125 difference. But the ghost ring LPA sights price for more than that separately (about 125. for just the rear from Midway), and you would still need to get a gun smith to silver soldier the front sight. The picatinny rail from Mossberg is another 35.00, and if you were to buy the bayonet, (Ontario A9 I believe) its another 100.00.

I really don't think you can go wrong with any of the 590A1s, IMHO they are the ultimate pump shotgun. There has always been a Hatfield & McCoys feud over who makes a better pump, Mossberg or Remington, I happen to be a Mossberg fan.

Also, if you prefer the bead sight, you can always add a XS Big Bead for around 60.00
that really helps out, I'll be doing this for my Mossy 500.

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You will not go wrong with either the ghost rings or 3-dot. I do not like a bead myself. I guess it depends on what distances you are looking to shoot at but both should work well.

Oh yeah and everything that SmokinXDs said I agree with too.
the 590A1 also has a bayonet lug :)

a standard 590 will suit most needs though..unless you really wanna put a bayonet on your gun
the 590A1 also has a bayonet lug :)

a standard 590 will suit most needs though..unless you really wanna put a bayonet on your gun
My 590sp has a bayonet lug too. They are great for...well they are as useful a pistol bayonet. Fun none the less :cool:
lol...the 590A1 was just made in the mold of the trench guns of WWI

if you you wanna be a baller, get a leather heat shield like the old Remingtons had.
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