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Of all of the shotguns I've always wanted, the Benelli M1 Super 90 tactical has always been on my list...but every time I found one, it was overpriced, or I was cash poor...I've got a M1S90 that I use for hunting, and I've always gone back and forth whether or not I wanted to tac it out...and I always came around to the simple fact that I coupld pretty much buy a new shotgun for what it would cost.

So, today, I decided to make a quick jaunt to one of my local places, and see what I could see...rather liked the Ruger Sp101 .22; really liked the LCR22...decided I was going to pick it up, but wanted to do a quick cruise through through the long gun racks first.

And lo and behold, down towards the end of the shotguns, did my beady little eyes spy what I knew to be a Benelli pistol grip stock stickin' out.

"Please, don't let it be a Nova", I muttered...

It was not.

I saw it was the semi-auto forend...and then I realized it wasn't an M2 forend, either...looked at the price...and it was right where I wanted it to be.

Unfortunately, the one I spied didn't have ghost ring sights, which was something I wanted...but at the price, I figured screw it; I'll add 'em one.

Walked it up to the counter, and asked the owner what the story was on it; he looked at the price, said he couldn't do better...seems some guy traded 3 (!!!) of 'em in for a SCAR...the other two were in back.

I inquired if one of them had ghost ring sights...he said he believed one did...and he was right.

Price was the same. He just looked at me, and slid the 4473 across the counter...:)

So, here's the pic:

Notice the gorgeous, high 50's MN would've been a gorram crime to not shoot I did.

First off--to anyone who thinks they can just point a shotgun in the general direction of their opponent and not worry about missing, especially at in-house close attention to the following photos.

This is the IC choke tube, Winchester RA12005 9 Pellet 00 buck...10 feet:

And 15 feet:

Note how small those spreads are...real easy to miss if you're not aiming.

(I'll get off my soapbox now)

Same rounds, at 30 feet (headshot) and 50 (lower abdomen):

Interestingly enough, I had two failures to eject with these rounds. This made me a bit nervous, wondering if I'd bought a lemon...but I loaded 8 rounds of trap loads, and blew the crap out of one of the targets as fast as I could pull the trigger...functioned perfectly. Dunno; maybe it just doesn't like the 12005 load; need to grab some other 00 loads and see how she does...

Next, slugs; Winchester 2.75" bargain loads, 50 feet:

The first three rounds were the three touching; the last two were a'll do.;)

And finally--I had one last round of I decided to see how big the pattern was at 6 feet...

That'd be that one big hole in the head...(the 8 holes in the chest were just a quick magazine of double and triple taps with my Baer at 7 yards...couldn't waste the target with just one hole in it...).

So, in short, I'm rather pleased. I'd be over the moon if it had been HK marked, but, then my dealer said "Ida had to charge you a $200 premium for the H , and a $300 premium for the K...but I'd throw the & in for free".

Next stop--dig that Surefire forend I picked up a while back and get 'er mounted....

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Rule of thumb for 00-buck

1" spread for every 10 feet = approx 3 yards = 3" spread
30 feet headshot = 10 yards = 10" spread...your pictures are pretty spot on

Great shooting man! Nice rig!
Well...depending on the choke, of course.;)

I'm kinda wondering what type of result I might get with the Cylinder tube screwed in; may have to do a side-by-side comparison some time...but I conjure that at typical bump in the night range--that is, 20 feet or less--it's not going to be enough to matter.

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Nice, I like the stock!

I like the looks of that a lot, all business, no BS. The stock doesn't have any of that adjustable crapola on it to hook your clothes, and it's blacktical! I prefer pump shotties myself (simplicity), but benellis are pretty sweet.

As for grouping, I came to the conclusion that anything inside the house is going to be smaller than the bg's head. It's not like COD where they shoot 5' to your side 5' away, and you're dead, or the pellets fall out of the sky at 50'.

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Grats on the boom stick! Very jealous just don't think I can part with that much money without feeling guilty. Well I wouldn't really feel guilty I'd just find myself sleeping on the couch. Either way congratulations and I thoroughly enjoyed those warm January days! I think it got up to 53 one of those warms days here to your east.
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