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Feeling Lost Here!

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I'm 55 retired US Army.
In college I shot trap with a Remington 870 Wingmaster back in the 70s.
I've shot trap since then in the US Army at Fort Huachuca, AZ and feel I've been all over the world to continue this wonderful sport.

I wandered over here by invitation from the Walther Forums awhile ago.

I have to connect somewhere and my first post was why I liked the 20 gauge over the 12 (or 16 for that matter) because 1 oz of shot has been enough for me to hunt and shoot trap with after college days.

Is this forum so big and dedicated to the 12 that the 20 has no place?
I like the 20 over the 12 and the 20 has always been enough for me.

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Hey John - I like the 20 and the 28 too for that matter. I use a 12 a lot though because, well, I'm no great shot and feel like I need the bigger pattern I guess! Depends on what I'm doing too - hunting upland birds vs. ducks vs. skeet vs. sporting clays - you get the idea.

This forum is big and that's a challenge for all of us to find our "home". There are forums for everything from clays to home defense to hunting plus all the different manufacturer's forums. That's a lot of territory and the site being so new there's still not a lot of members and threads to follow, etc. It will take some time but once the ball gets rolling the site should take on a life of it's own.

Thanks for your service and stick around. It'll get better I'm sure.

welcome spqr. dont hestitate to pm me if you need help. heck, i do too! the site is brand new and a lot of posts were cropped here from elsewhere. so you have a lot of topics, but the writers are not here with them. you are actually part of the leading edge of seeing this place be born.
we all are learning are way around.
as far as 20ga, heck i love 20ga! nothing wrong with them. why not post some pics of your 20ga's!
I am also new to the forum, bring on the 20g!

Shoot mostly 12 and .410 but my next will most likely be a 20g also, being that I primarily shoot 7/8oz loads anyway in the 12.

28g is a big item on my wish list also, the only one I have is a single barrel; shot trap with it once, that's it. Can't wait to get an O/U (and a press for it).
Aw, don't feel lost. Anyone who has only one shotgun isn't living life large. I have a 12 ga pump, a 12 ga tactical pump, a 20 ga single shot, and a .410 single shot. Gave my other two 12 ga single shot H&Rs to my two sons to help start their collections. They all have their purposes, and they all have their own personalities.

One of my favorite shotguns is my single shot Winchester 20 ga - it was given to me indirectly by the old gentleman who taught me how to butcher deer more than 30 years ago - he helped me with my very first deer. It's still a whopper of a gun and does everything you'd ever want... it's more gun than you need in many cases.

Thank you for your service, and welcome to the site!
I came back here today to view the messages. Thanks for replying.
I have to take more pics of my shotguns and post them.
I got this new computer and I can't quite get the hang of posting pics off my photo chip like I did on the old one.

I think it's time for a new chip (not camera!) to do this.
Problem is I've been so long out of photobucket I can't seem to get back in. Forgot my name there and my password!

Seeing if my new signature is working.....
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state. :cool:
My wife feels there isnt a need for the 12 gauge. she has 2 20's, and uses them for everything from geese to trap , to upland game birds. I inherited afew 12's and my favorite, a GH grade parker double in 10 gauge. Im not primarily a shotgunner, im a rifleman. The shotgun has been a tool for me for hunting primarily. Ducks and geese, my wife has really started me into the shotgun stuff, and Im beginning to warm to the 20. Its a little easier on my old frame, recoil wise.
I only own two shotguns but side x side a 20ga coach length and a 12 ga 24" barrel. I switch between them often but use mostly for cowboy action shooting. Nothing at all wrong with the 20 ga at all.
Welcome. I just saw this thread so pardon my tardiness. I have 12 guages simply because I started out with a 12 guage single shot many years ago. I started out going to shooting matches with my uncle and grandpa. They had several guns but started us kids with the single shots. Later when I started using a shotgun for hunting a 12guage pump action was my choice. Is there anything wrong with a 20 gauge? Absolutely not. I wish I had a 20 for myself. I'm looking for a 20 gauge pump action in left hand configuartion for my wife as her home defense shotgun. She already has my 2 1/2" S%W 66 as her handgun. Now she wants the shotgun as an addition.
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