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federal 12ga issues?

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hey all, i put this in the ammo forum, but i'm really not sure if it's an ammo issue per se, or something with my remington....

so i went to the range just a little while ago and did a couple rounds of trap. wind was blowing crosswise to high heaven, which sure didn't help my score, but the other thing that got annoying and probably took a toll on my concentration was that about every third or fourth shell failed to extract. never had that happen before. granted, i've only put a couple hundred rounds thru this shotgun, but never had a single one before, and i'm pretty picky about keeping things clean. the range guy said he'd been hearing people complain about a bunch of bad stuff coming out of federal the past month or so. anybody else heard of this, or do i possibly have an actual extractor issue??

p.s. my results today were horrendous with the wind. never shot with a 20-25 mph crosswind before. the first round was so bad i don't think i even got into double digits. second round was better as i figured out how to compensate for the wind in each direction. got 16 of those, but even that round was a bit frustrating.
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what brand federal?
the federal target load in 12ga in the blue box.
they have cheapo rims.
switch to cheapo winchesters or remington and see if it changes. if they fail too, your extractor is shot.
on the plus side, i did just buy a bulk 4-pack box of cheapo winchester the other day. on the minus side, i still have a bulk box and two regular small boxes of the federal to get through.
when will we hear a report?
i was hoping to get out there today, but i don't think it's going to happen. too much work stuff to get ready for the albeit short week. hoping to get out maybe more than once this next weekend.
guns first, work later!
that stuff with the tin base?

My Red Label wont eject that stuff either. And normally it will toss an empty into the parking lot..
Go to 7 & 1/2 over the common 8s in a trap load.
Or go to 6s and deal with a less thick pattern.
Especially in wind.
I have seen that same issue many times this year with shooters using Winchester shells.
I've got probably 4000 federal top gun hulls, about 1/3 of them have been reloaded at least once and have not had any FTE's at all or any case failures minus a few that the plastic split near the crimp.

the cheapo winchester super-x, you bet! the crappy metal rims rip off if there's any sticking in the chamber whatsoever.

Federal and remington are the two best shotshell brands IMO (12g and .410 anyway), I've yet to meet one that didn't function or reload well.

what is the exact federal round you're talking about to clarify? thanks
aa1911.....see post 3.
looks like both the boxes/type of federal I was looking at have the same exact hulls so they're the same as what I've got.

they do reload very well but it seems that the plastic is a bit crappier compared to it's cousin, the old Fed Gold medals. Winchester, I always worry about that basewad coming loose and getting stuck without me knowing it. course the federals have a basewad also but most are fiber.
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