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Favorite B Gun?

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I've got 5 B guns and my favorite is a ca. 1958 B-25 26" IC/M 12 ga. that was bought in Scotland for a driven grouse shoot. I'm the 3rd owner. What is your favorite?
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I have two Lightweight Browning A-5's (12 and a 20) and the original receipt from 1960.

They are sort of retired.
Very nice - I have a 1958 Light 12 with a vented Poly Choke I got from a woman selling jewelry at the WAC gun show. It was her late husband's gun and she had no sons. I told her I would pass it on to one of my son's and she sold it to me for a reasonable price. I also have a 3" 12 gauge Auto 5 but it is in the process of being sold to one of my hunting buds in North Carolina. I'd love to find a vented 3" 20 gauge and a Sweet Sixteen but really don't need them. I always take the Light 12 as a back up gun on road trips and used it to kill a limit of roosters one day 2 years ago in South Dakota.
I inherited mine from my grandfather. I hunted (quail, dove, clay) with them for several years before "retiring" them.

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Very nice! and with the straight stocks which I really like.
My favorite is probably the Special Sporting Clays O/U. It's what I hunt with and used for everything except trap singles and handicap. In the picture below, there's a 20 ga. Lightning, a field grade Citori (my first O/U), the Special Sporting Clays, and a BT-99 Plus.

I inherited my grand-dad's Remington Model 11-A, built on the Browning patent. I added an A-5 Light but it really doesn't see much use. Shown below along with my dad's Rem 11-48.
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That is a very nice collection.

I have a C&R and have been looking for a new O/U.

I usually hunt (and shoot clays) with an old Winchester 50 Light Twelve.

Don't tell anyone, but I do have two modern plastic shotguns (Rems). I like 'em OK but don't take pictures of them. :D
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1952 browning double auto red receiver. 26" skeet recessed rib. whata gun!
hey vintage, your gun is called the model 50 featherweight. go post your cool gun in the winchester room too!
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