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Family grew again - Zombie Gun Added

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Picked up my first shotgun this last weekend. Mossberg 500, ATI collapsable stock w/ side-saddle for additional ammo.

It's been a LONG time since I last fired a shotgun... like 30 years... :? .... and that was a 20 ga, over & I got some training on how to use it.

Love the adjustable stock.... didn't like the standard, hard rubber buttpad.... looked like I got hit by a baseball bat after about 30 rounds of 12 ga!!

Picked up a Scorpion recoil reducing butt-pad to help with that issue. Hope it'll take care of that small problem.

I know.. I know... pictures!!! As soon as me, a camera and the Mossberg are in the same area I'll post 'em up. Looking forward to shooting and learning more about it!!!

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I have a 590 I've fired a bit, and a 500 I haven't fired yet, both with side folders now. I don't get bruises except for with a bunch of 3" rounds. May be able to mitigate it somewhat, but I haven't investigated yet.
Congrats on the new zombie killer... just had my mossberg out this past weekend trying out the new tactical grip from blackhawk and heat shield I installed. I will also need to add the butt pad as my shoulder ain't as young as it used to be. My 13 yr old handled it just fine and I don't think he was as sore as me at the end of the day.
Sounds nice! My ZK is a Remington 870 Tactical. I sure like the PDX1 rounds too.
My standard Mossy 500 12 ga has a medium kick, so my logic is that your handgrip "grip" would slow it down even more.
Good choice! Reliable and good price.
I love my mossy 500, it's a great gun
nice. i'm going to be getting a 500 soon too, and it sounds like it will be the same model. i might go for a standard 18" bbl though and do the stock/grip stuff myself. i found a collapsible side folding stock by mako and got really excited... then i saw it cost as much as the gun!
nice choice with the mossy 500 i just got blackhawk recoil reduce stock for mine. I will let ya know once i get it installed and to the range
I have a Mossy 590 with a Knoxx Spec Ops stock.
thanks for the comments all.

Had debated between the 590 and the 500, but for the price (and accessories) on mine, went with the 500. Mine does have the 18" barrel. Will let you guys know how it goes after more time firing.
I've had my 500 for 16 years now. Only issue in a hard life was rebuilding the tang safety.

great guns.
Good buy! My shotty is my fav gun to shoot. Its a 12g and honestly I don't notice the recoil anymore.
My wife and I are going out to put the first shells through our 500 this weekend. Hope it shoots as smooth as it feels!
I remember some other units in my battalion used them back in the Corp in the late 80s. Congrats on picking up a good pacifier
FYI, as a follow up..... I added a ATI "Stinger" recoil reducing butt-pad to replace the standard rubber one, and it was a huge improvement. Highly suggested for anyone, especially for the price (Less than $20) found on Ebay.

I know you guys want photos..... I'll get one posted as soon as me, the Mossy, and a camera are all in the same place at the same time!! :)
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