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Fair Price for Browning Lightning

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I am looking to buy a used Browning Lightning 20gauge from a friend. He's thinking $750. I was wondering if anyone had a thought on what a good price is or would be.
He used skeet shooting for a number of years. It's in 80-85% condition with the addition of having the forcing cones shaved. Right term? Also ported the barrels. He's going to sell all the choke tubes with it and they are high end, and a trigger boot. I've shot it a couple of times and it fits nice and I shoot it well, so I am serious about it. Just wondering what thoughts would be on price. Thanks.
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Really all you shotgunners don't have an opinion? Should ask in the AR section. They always have an opinion. HA HA HA
Look on Gunbroker and see what they're going for.

Not a whole lot of folks into O/U's here...
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