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Here are a pair of photos of my new (to me) Escort Marine Guard 12 ga pump shotgun. The gun was made in Turkey by Hatsan. It is imported and distributed in the US by Legacy Sports International. It has an 18 inch barrel and weighs 6.25 pounds. It has what the LSI catalog calls a "water resistant nickel finish."

So far, I've only shot a few rounds through it. It works fine. When I get some time, and the weather is right, perhaps this weekend, I'll try it out some more.

I bought the gun primarily for home defense, but I plan to target shoot a bit with it as well. I may even eliminate a woodchuck or two.

I bought the gun from a private collector/seller at a gun show just over a week ago. Given the fact that the reactions to recent events have driven prices up, and the available selection down, I think I did OK at $350. The gun is used but like new.


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