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Recently got a DP-12 and it fired beautifully after 25 rounds. Cleaned the barrel after firing. I was curious on the Cotton Mop snap caps with the snap cap attachment and loaded both into the tube(picture shows a double barrel shotgun). They got stuck in the loading tube and had to get tweezers and small screw driver to push and pull them out.

Now every few times, the right hammer(which always go first) doesn't release after trigger pull. Instead the 2nd/left hammer goes off after trigger pull and I am able to pump without ever firing the right barrel. I did see that supposedly standard gun has a fix for when one barrel doesn't fire and will try that, but I am worried there may be something stuck in either the loading tube, chamber, or hammer that prevents one hammer from firing so I am open to alternative solutions.

I am also worried that I could be able to slam-fire the weapon system with this malfunction potentially.

I want to try to fix this before deciding to send it to manufacturer.
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