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Double Barrel Shotgun Question

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First post as I don't post often..

I grew up squirrel hunting with a Single Shot H&R 16 Gauge. When the action would be opened the empty case was completely ejected and that 2nd or 3rd squirrel was quickly dispatched. Makes reloading much quicker.

I am wanting to add a double barrel shotgun to my home defense collection. I have two good pumps set up for home defense but thinking of the future and a double barrel would be the last one banned. I want to pass them on and a double has the greatest chance of being legal in the future.

My Question is does anyone make a Double (Doesn't matter if side by side or over under) that ejects completely the expended case when the action is opened? Every double I have shot (Other shooters at a trap range) has required me to remove spent cases. Thank you for any help you can give me on this.
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Look for a double barrel gun with ejectors instead of extractors.
If you have Academy Sports in you area, check out Yildiz O/U's.
Thank you. You have put me on the right path. Now I know what to look for I have found more than one of them. Thanks Again.
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