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Doing A Group Buy In PA

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I have 10+ guys in south central PA that all want the same thing a black 12ga. tactical shotgun. So the search is on and if anyone in here wants in on this let me know,because I know I can get a great deal the more guns I buy. And if anyone knows of a good place to go drop me a line or any advice for doing this would be great. Thanks:)
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Check out the Weatherby PA-459 - has them for a steal of a deal, and they come with some very nice features straight from the factory. Good luck with your group buy!
Man airdog I think you just showed me the girl I have been looking for,I was looking at the mossberg 500 persuader but now that I saw that thing I am going another route.
This is what I've got. I prefer the 6+1 and if you want a pistol grip you can order one pretty cheap.
Remington 870 Express 12g 18" blued, black-synthetic $321.00 SHIPS FREE
Check out CDNN. They have a few Tactical Shotguns on deal(Charles Daly). From $179.99 to $369.99, with plenty of options and extras.
Just type CDNN sports into an address bar. you have to click on the left side of your screen on download catalog. Page 12-13. There are other shotguns on pages 36-48, but they are mostly the higher end stuff.

I just bought a PS90 from them for $1200. I couldn't find a used one for that.
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Go Saiga 12 before they get outlawed...
I found at a local gun shop the mossberg 500 jic brand new for $314.00 .
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