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Cutts Compensator Puzzle

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I recently put a new stock on my late dad's Model 12 20 gauge, which has a Cutts Compensator on it. Since I only had a tube marked "mod", I ordered a spreader tube and a full choke tube. When they came, the spreader miked out at .652 (versus a bore of approximately .616) and the full tube miked at .588. Both were reasonable.

So I decided to mike the original modified tube. It came in at .622, approximately a skeet diameter. Since I still needed a modified tube, I ordered another one and it miked .560, even tighter than full.

Both modified tubes are marked "Lyman" on one flat and "20 ga mod" on the other. I even thought the new one might be a 28 gauge, but I looked at it closely and it definitely said 20 ga.

Anybody got any ideas what the heck is going on here?
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bad qa?
is one a steel and the other alloy?
No, both steel. My thought was that possibly the .560 one was actually a 28-gauge tube that got stamped wrong (since both the 20 and 28 use the same size diffuser tube, I believe), but really have no other solution. Can't believe their manufacturing tolerances were that bad.
you may be right. i cant be off that much.
do you shoot skeet and trap in va.?
I'm really a guy who hunted a lot when younger, but spent a lot of years in the Air force and am now a golf pro and have only shot sporting clays once in many years (right after I got the new stock on my dad's Model 12). There's a place halfway between Richmond and Williamsburg, in Providence Forge that's pretty well run, if I can depend on the word of the guys I went with.
yep, thats old forge s.clays.

closerto richmond is the famous richmond skeet and trap club. formerly known as the issiac walton rod and gun.
its the home of the great eastern that use to be in lordship conn. i use to shoot there a lot. it absorbed langley skeet and trap when the afb closed its range.
a better place to shoot cheaper is ft lee rod and gun. take 5 over to 32/10 to petersburg. im there quite regularly.
Where were you able to order Cutts tubes?
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