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Cut finger on Winchester 1200 trigger

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I have been shotting my winchester 1200, which was old but brand new when i first shot it about 6 months ago. I have taken it to the trap range 5 times, and 4/5 times I come back with a cut / raw spot on the trigger finger right at the inside of my first knuckle near the tip. I feel like when the gun recoils my finger slips in a little further and rubs on the edge of the trigger, but when i got home i checked it and the edge of the trigger doesnt seem overly sharp. There is not a perfect rounded edge from the front face of the trigger to the sidewall, but its not a pefect 90 either. I cant get it to scratch me when at home just touching the trigger. Any ideas? I told my father who also went with us last time who show his winchester model 200, (same trigger) and he noticed the same thing. BTW each time we were shotting 50+ shots, no gloves around 30 degree temp
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Just a guess but ...too much trigger finger = hooking the trigger. Adjust you grip and center the trigger on the pad of you finger.
Tender Finger - I have the same issue with my 44mag, the groved trigger would cut my finger after 20 rounds.
Changed to a smooth trigger and it helped. No blood after afew k.
Just a thought -

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