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Connecticut Valley Arms

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I have a Connecticut Valley Arms 20ga breech loader made in Italy that I acquired a few weeks ago. It has been recently re-finished at a local (to the previous owner) gun shop. It isn't a very good job, if you ask me, several uneven spots, but the previous owner wanted it done so he could be sure it would safely shoot--I would have had them redo it.... But the action is tight and smooth, and everything closes up tight with no play as well and there is no corrosion on it anywhere that I can tell. the serial number is 024988. Anyone know much about the CVA's or maybe even possible value?
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I have a shotgun exactly like this except its a lot worse for wear than yours. Its all tight and everything but its needing a restore. Its missing a front stock and I was hoping that you or someone could direct me to were I could get parts. Then I could get on to a restore. Don't think its worth much money so the forestock needs to be on the cheap side.
Value is, well, not much. They are solid shooters but almost no resale value. Manufacturer is Armi San Marco in Italy. They make a bunch of reproduction blackpowder guns that are well-regarded.
How did refinishing the stock assure the previous owner that it was safe to shoot?:confused:
guys...2 year old post.
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