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Chokes for Sporting Clays

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Going to start shooting sporting clays next year and bought a Citori 12 gauge which came with IC, M and F. For hunting I have M in the under and F in the over.

For the guys who shoot clays with O/U's, do you have IC in both barrels or even Skeet? Any thoughts?
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I like a good modified choke for shooting those clay birds...I might also add I do not have a o/u but just a good ole pump w/ 28" barrel.
Back when I used to shoot alot, I would use a full choke. Occasionally, when we wanted to be really competitive, we would screw in a turkey choke. A full choke allows you to shoot farther in most cases, at least for me
When I bought my pump (Rem 887 NitroMag), it came with a Mod choke. I had no clue about chokes. I went and was on the range and missed the first 10 clays. Then one of the other gentlmen on the range asked what choke I was using. When I told him, he said "No wonder you aint hittin them thangs." He handed me one of his IC's and told me use that. I started busting them left and right.

He suggested using an IC or another (I forget which one right now).

I went out and bought one labeled Imp Cyl Skeet. That's all I use now. I usually hit 19-21 out of 25 clays with it on Wobble, then 15-20 on 5 stand. Some of them on 5 Stand are pretty hard to hit.
I shoot Sporting Clays on a course fairly regularly. Though I use an auto loader. But 2 chokes is definately beneficial at some target stations. Normally you shoot the bottom barrel first and therefore want the more open tube there; like you have. But, for most SC target presentations full choke is not needed. I shoot an IC in my Gold and never change it. Though there is one station in particular at the course I shoot at where I should have a full choke...and full-full would be good on an o/u. You are shooting crossers WAY out...maybe 40 yards. They are actually angling slightly toward you so they get closer on the second shot...but you gotta lead those mothers big time.

But most targets are much closer than that...more like 20 yards, and some inside the 10 yard range. Full will make a nice poof of powder out of them though...your better off being more open. It might depend on the course you are shooting more than anything.

I think a good choice for the first time on the course is a IC, mod combo...and change one to a full only if needed. if buying more chokes you can look at custom extended tubes which make changing them out on-course a lot easier. My dad uses Seminole chokes in his get your basics plus things like Skeet, Light-Mod, Improved-Mod, Light full, extra full...etc.

Its a great game...shoot and enjoy!
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I shoot sporting clays all the time. You can shoot just about any sporting clays course with Modified and Improved Cyllinder.

I shot a benefit shoot for two local fallen soldiers this past weekend. I shoot a 1100 Sporting 12, and used Lite Mod for the whole course. Had plenty of choke for everything I shot at.
Thanks for the replies!

I am thinking about just buying another IC and using it in both barrels. Either that or another Modified and have that in both. Probably better off with the IC.

For hunting it works great to have the modified in the under which shoots first and then full in the over for the followup shot in case I miss.
Here is a nice chart for you...
I always had the IC or Mod on the top or first shooting barrel and the a full on the bottom or second barrel to get the longer shots..
Here is a nice chart for you...
I always had the IC or Mod on the top or first shooting barrel and the a full on the bottom or second barrel to get the longer shots..
I wonder if they have one of those pics to show what a diffusion choke does. The choke is rifled so it spins the wad on the way out. Not sure what it does to the pattern precisely, but mine crushes targets out to medium range.
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