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Check this out

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Hand Mortar

Can I suggest a blackpowder shotgun/musket sub forum? I love these guns !

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I like it but that barrel almost looks like a lamp socket what a disguise =]]
That puts even a Blunderbuss to shame, jeez!
I have a blunderbuss,short 14 inch barrel. That thing is disturbing.
Used for it's intended purpose it could be fired faster than a musket
That would clear a hall way!
I'm building a bar and pool hall into our new rural home and the theme will be mostly pirate.. that thing, a blunderbuss, a Jacobite Scottish pirate-era musket, pistols, cutlasses and such will be up on the walls
I personally think I would like the length of pull to be a whole lot longer!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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