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Charles Daly shotgun??

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At the local army/navy store is a charles daly pump action 12ga shotgun. Ive never own a shotgun b4 and was looking in to buying it since it's going for $279 used. I grew up with the name mossberg, remington and winchester engraved in my head. Now I love the way it looks and was hoping someone can give me some up's and down's on that brand of shotgun. Thanks
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I bought a CD 18.5" pump shotgun a month ago and it is a sweet lil shotgun. So far, after about 100 rounds through it it's been smooth and reliable. I paid 282 brand new at I modified the stock and I love it, it's perfect for home defense. I hear their semi auto shotguns are really reliable too.
Sounds high to me. Just checked Buds Gun Shop, and they have new ones for $246.
They have a good rep and an active forum. I was gonna buy one but back then the local store was out and the NEF Pardner Pump was in stock and on sale.
Its your money but I would look at Remington or that kind of cash, even used...
I have the black Charles Daily ...bought it new for 189.00....very good little shotgun....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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