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can you shoot slugs through a slick barrel?

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Is it acceptable to shoot slug loads through a slick bore? and if so is it accurate without rifling in the bore? I own a few shotguns and have never ventured into shooting slugs but is of some interest. I just do not want to screw up the guns. any adivce would be appreciated.
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Yep. They make rifled slugs for smooth bore guns. Read the box carefully so you don`t get sabot slus for rifled barrels. And yes, pretty dang accurate. I know people who hunt deer with them. And they are potent. Also fun to shoot water filled milk jugs too.:D There are several options and styles out there. One I shot some of recently are Duplex 28 in .12 gauge in my 870 smooth barrel. It`s a dirty shooter but it is one BAD mama. Buy some, have fun.
When I need to send down range a slug I usually turn to my rifles, but want to explore the slugs in the scatter gun. thanks for the help, I will get a box and try some out next week and let everyone know how well they group. now the question is shoot them with what kind of choke? also how will the ole 1950's A-5 handle them with a 30" vented barrel or should I use the citori?
Depends on the gun and the load as to how accurate.. Slugs are not very accurate in my 18 inch cylinder bore Moss 500 and would not use them beyond 50 yards, but many are accurate in my SPAS 12 and my FN SLP MK 1, good enough for deer or men at 125 yards

If you have a full choke on GP I would not shoot sabot type slugs
Used to be here in western NY that was all you had for deer hunting, smooth bore slug guns. Folks still filled freezers with them out to about 100 yards.I used to use brenneke slugs in my 870 with a smooth bore buck barrel. it got it done.
hammer 1, excuse my ignorance, but what size choke?
hammer 1, excuse my ignorance, but what size choke?
Hey, you don`t ask,you don`t know. That is what forum`s are for. I shoot an 870 28" smooth barrel and full choke. BUT, once again, it states on the box of shells if it is an ACCEPTABLE slug for a full choke. If not, a modified works great. I also have a rifled slug barrel,20" for the 870 also. But it seems like the longer barrel is more fun to shoot. I have plenty of rifles to shoot. Sometimes the old smooth bore is just enjoyable to shoot. My opinion only.Anyway, read the box carefully and you will be fine.:)
I have killed a few deer with rifled slugs in my smooth bore 12ga 870 in my younger days and I can tell you they make a heck of a hole.They will put deer down and right now.
Like olhippy said read the box and make sure you buy rifled slugs.They are made for the smooth bore barrels.Do your self and the deer a favor and buy several different brands of slugs and test them to find the right one for your gun.Shotguns are like rifles,They like the ammo they like and you have to find the right ammo for your gun.Most slugs like an open choke like mod or cyl but it is best to test fire what you plan to hunt with.JMHO
I used my Saiga 12 ga with Reminton slugs for a hog hunt in Texas last year. we got 5 small to medium hogs with it. No question about it's quality out to about 100 yards.
BTW the rifling is mostly cosmetic. I've been told it's only practical use is for some give when fired thru a choke. Foster slugs average .705 and a 12 GA bore is an average .720 to .730
The smooth bore buck barrels are cylinder bore. Then a few years ago the DEC allowed rifled bores with slugs. The sabots became the thing to use. Since then alot of counties allowed rifles for hunting.
Has anyone shot the Winchester Rack Master slugs and what is your opinion of them?
I have both a smooth bore and rifled bore 20" barrel for my 870.

As far as what chokes to use on a smooth bore, go to the manufacturer's sites for the best information. :cool:

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My 28" Pardner Pump does really well with Foster slugs (smooth barrel using mod. cylinder choke). I would not hesitate to go deer hunting with it.
The "science" of the deer slug has come a long way since the old pumpkin ball. Some of the new sabots , in say a tar hunt, or a savage or browning bolt action slug shooter, or for that matter, even some pumps and autos, will give a lot of rifles a run for their money, accuracy wise. The shear destructive power of a slugs is something to see. A 72 caliber hole is still, a 72 caliber hole. Try a few different ones in a shotgun with sights, or a good scope that can take the punishment, and you will be surprised at the accuracy potential.
The "science" of the deer slug has come a long way since the old pumpkin ball.
And it's come full circle. I load "Punkin' Balls". Took a while to get it right, so I could hit something with them, but now it's a pretty good deer load. My guns are all fixed chokes, so each gets its own load - slight differences.

What choke to use will depend on YOUR gun and YOUR ammo choice; it may take several attempts with different types to see what works best for you. Regular slugs can be safely shot through chokes from C to F.
your ancestors used to hunt deer with slugs and smooth bore shotguns,they called them muskets back then.;)
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