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Can anyone help with a rough value...

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Have a chance to buy slightly older over/under beretta 12g shotgun but know nothing about it. It has the double triggers. Seems in pretty good shape and hopefully I will have a chance to shoot it a little before deciding but I need to move quick. I can't find much about it online so thought I'd check here if anyone has any sources to get a rough value on it so I don't get ripped / either does seller.


On side of receiver;
GARDONE V.T. - Brescia
Some detail designs in the metal

On bottom of receiver;
Made in Italy
"three stars"
"angel design"


On barrel;
High Strength Chromium Molybdemum Steel - SS -

Then restates the gardone name and made in Italy again closer to the receiver on the barrel.

Wood is in good shape-looks like it's been treated nicely, I'll try to post some pics later on. Any insights would be great!
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Wish I could help. Thats a beautiful shotgun, though!
Man that's a gorgous OU. Are you in TX?
Looks like you're getting some good info on ShotgunWorld. I don't have anything to add beyond that discussion.
It looks like a model S55E. Appears to be made for the European market by the likes of the sling swivels. These were made from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Check the rear of the barrels for the choke indication: 1 0/star F, 2 0/stars IM, 3 0/stars M, and 4 0/stars IC. Value? roughly between $500 and 800
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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