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Bulk Birdshot/clays?

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So my family very suddenly got very into shooting trap. We have had the shotguns for a while, and have done it occasionally, but now we are pretty much going out every weekend. So i'm looking for some good prices for birdshot and sporting clays, although i'm thinking buying clays locally might be the best bet due to the chance of breakage. I'm currently buying 100 shell packs of 12 gauge for $23 and 90 clay cases for around $8. Wondering if there is money to be saved by buying bulk elsewhere?
Eventually we will probably start reloading 12 gauge and maybe 20.....
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Sorry but I have no answer for you just thought I would give this a bump, I'm interested as well. I did a fair amount of research and haven't found much.With the current price of lead shot reloading may disappoint you. I have a hard time justifying the time spent vs. the savings. 9mm I can save about half but 12ga I can only save maybe 10% of factory ammo. Reclaimed shot is a little better but I have heard horror stories. Clays I can get a 130 count box for 10 bucks locally when they are on sale. I usually stock up.
Welcome to the club

Can't really help much because your doing the same thing we do almost every other weekend. I started with the AA shot stuff but for half the price we use the value packs at wally world. A busted clay is a busted clay at times we can even turn them to dust with the cheap shells if we're fast enough. Guess I'm subscribing........

Wait till you order an automatic thrower like I did a while back, 50 clays stacked in a tower and voice command to launch. Things get kind of expensive if people won't pitch in.
Where do you buy your clays? Best price i've found is walmart with the 90 pack for $8, but they don't always have them in stock..
Walmart, Bass pro, or Cabelas. The last 2 are a little more expensive but they normally sell White Flyer in the 130 pack.
I brought up a similar topic on a shotgun forum. For 12 gauge bird shot, your only gonna beat those bulk packs by a couple cents per round. the cost savings in shot reloading is in the 16 or 28 gauges and going with a lighter load like a 3/4 or 7/8 ounce. You also get some better savings by loading buck shot and such. the big cost is the shot itself.
shot shells are loaded by a recipe instead of loading up to what your gun likes.
yeah, I tend to shoot federal or winchester bulk.

I don't shoot much trap though...

they pattern well enough, not quite as nice as the good high brass stuff like Winchester AA though.
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