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Browning Gold Hunter value?

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I found a Browning Gold Hunter 12 gauge for $590. They said it is in excellent condition. It has a 28" barrel, has all 3 chokes, and has the wood stock. Is this the going rate for this shotgun, or is this a pretty good deal? I know that these are pretty good guns, does anyone have any experience with these or problems? Please let me know, ASAP, he is supposed to trade it off if he doesn't sell it by today! Thanks guys!
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Nobody knows if this is a good deal? Help a brother out!
I have one for sale, but I live in Mississippi. Not sure how to sale a gun and ship?It's in great shape!
Sound like a good deal. I bought my Gold Hunter new in that same configuration $699 in
2002. It's a great gun--telling you if your particular gun is in great condition inside and out and worth $599 is the question. If your gun mounts well and your eye looks directly down the VR, then it fits well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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