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Browning A-5: Steel?

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I was lucky enough to get 3 Browning A-5 shotguns from my wife's late grandfather. I have heard a lot about how you cannot use these guns to shoot steel-shot but the other day I was looking at the guns and noticed a "Special Steel 3" marking on the barrel.

Are these safe to shoot? The barrel's look legit to me.

Thanks in advance for any advice / input.
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It would probably depend on when it was manufactured.

I'd just skip the steel, and just buy some of the other heavi-shot loads out there (eg, Bismuth) that are safe in all barrels.
^^^ what he said.

but unless you're going after water fowl, it's kind of pointless to shoot steel or bismuth.
Triple Sweeeeet!
I love those A-5s, and I would not fire steel loads through them.
Are they different gauges?
I'm no expert,by any means but, I think the"special steel 3" refers to the barrel steel NOT the intended shot loads.Those guns probably predate steel shot. JMnotsoHO. Nick
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