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Bought a Mossberg 500 Road Blocker

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OK guys... broke down and bought a used Mossberg 500 Road Blocker yesterday for home defense. I'll get a pic or two in a bit. Has a pistol grip front and back and the PO mounted the strap on the slide to the front pistol grip. Also has a laser mounted in the back. This is one nasty looking gun with the Barrett-style muzzle brake on it. The laser mount wasn't put on very well, so I have it off and will be re-mounting it tomorrow, but the laser works with some new batteries. Also, for some odd reason, the goofy guy that owned it before me decided to take a Dremel to the trigger guard to thin it out; I'm probably gonna replace it with a factory replacement trigger assembly, but as long as it's functional, I'll live with it for awhile.

So, though I've owned shotguns since I was a kid, I've got my first tactical shotgun. Woohoo!
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What do you plan to do with it. Kind of figured you would use it for HD, but what do you plan to do with it for options?
And, have you shot it yet? I have never shot a pistol grip. How do you shoot it and how does it feel?
Still haven't fired it yet. The guys at the LGS swear that the muzzle brake makes it possible for you to fly... lol. Guess I'll find out soon enough. :D

I pulled the laser off today because it was slapped together and poorly. I replaced the lousy mount with a full length Weaver scope mount. This neanderthal who owned it before me managed to break a screw off in one of the holes and foul the threads in at least two other holes. But with a little care and a Dremel, the broken screw is out of the way and the remaining 3 screws hold the Weaver real nice and tight. This doofus all but ruined the laser mount as well, so I'm off to the LGS again tomorrow to see if I can find a 3/4" Weaver scope ring for a laser mount.

Once the laser mount is fixed, I plan to pick up a TacStar side saddle shell mount and a sling. There's a gun show this weekend and I'm hoping to pick those up there. That's pretty much all I have planned; I already have some Hornady Critical Defense 00 Buck Shot shells for the gun. I looked at folding stocks; if I found a good deal on one, I might consider it, but this was always intended as a "clear the hallways" gun, so the plan was to get used to the pistol grips. Guess I'll see how that goes once I get a chance to shoot it.

Oh and if I manage to get airborne, I'll probably invest in a drag chute... :p
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My advice is to lose the pistol grip for a real stock, maybe a side folder. Also that laser if it interferes with the front sight..
Well, I removed the redundant sling mount, removed the laser, mounted a full length Weaver scope mount, mounted a flashlight/strobe to the mag tube, and put a sling on the gun with a 15-round shell holder. I started to pick up a side saddle shell holder, but decided to stick with the sling I bought the other day. I have considered replacing the sling with a 1-point sling... and if I make that change, I will DEFINITELY pick up the side saddle shell holder.

Here's a pic from earlier today:

I put several shells through the gun the other day... and OMG what a gun! The thing is loud as anything I've ever fired, and the Hornady Critical Defense 00 Buck shot makes a mess out of a target, even at 50 yards. I also put several slugs through the thing too... and managed to bullseye the target and put several in the rings. This thing is accurate... and I sure would never want to get hit by one of these things. All in all, I'm really glad I bought the gun.
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hmmm, just looks like a .50 'muzzle break' put on there. Doubt it's gonna do much.

I would also lose the pistol grip for either a fixed stock or a folder if you need to be able to break it down that short.

There's a world of difference between shooting the pistol grip and shooting one with a buttstock; you're about 100 times more accurate/effective and in control with it vs. just a pistol grip. just my .02

that thing would make a fantastic door breaching shotgun though! with the muzzle break deal, you can press it right into the door, no need for a 1" standoff.
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Yeah, I've considered a folding stock... but I put enough lead through the gun the other day to convince myself I'm deadly accurate with the gun as it is... and with the pistol grips, it's short and very maneuverable, key for a HD gun. I may consider it later; for now, I'm good to go. As for the muzzle brake (thanks... I banged out the notes before I thought through the spelling - duh!), it's just big, nasty looking, and it will danged near make you deaf if you have to shoot it without hearing protection. I fired one Hornady Critical Defense 00 buck shell without hearing protection so I'd have an idea what to expect - holy cow, that thing is LOUD.
Trust me Randy as a retired Army Officer and Fed LEO the people who advise a stock know what they are talking about! Even a 1/2 stock that you can tuck under your arm is a great improvement.I am impressed 'cause among all the professional gun folk I have known I never saw one that was "deadly accurate" with front and rear pistol grips.You're one heck of a man! Nick
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Nice shotty! If your comfortable with it your deadly with it!
I have a Remington 870 "Tactical" with a Knoxx/Blackhawk adjustable length pistol-grip stock, and for me, that's the way to go.
OKfine. Broke down and bought an ATI top folding stock. Pics later...
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OK... here are the latest pics of my Mossberg:



I decided to pick this up when I found out that Centerfire Systems ( is just a few miles away. Went over to pick up some ammo. The folding stock took all of 2 minutes to install... it took longer to find the right Allen wrench than it took to mount the thing. Haven't fired it with this new addition just yet... and it's raining today. Maybe later this week...
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The reason I suggested a side folder (ATI makes them) is that the top folder obscures the front bead sight in case you have to fire with the stock folded
Well, not entirely. The bead is still visible... just not quite like it would be on a side folder. Anyway, I think it'll do what I need. Bought some more buckshot today... planning to get the gun back out to test it with the new folding stock. If this doesn't pass muster, I'll take it from there. It certainly doesn't obscure the front bead like the laser did... :D
Reminds me of many years ago. My two cousins and I got a 12 ga double with a cracked stock. We cut the barrels down with a hack saw and cut the stock to make a pistol grip. We refinnished the steel and I got my Herters stock finish and made the grip look great! We put it all together and the next trip to the lake we took it. We rowed our fishing boat to an empty cove, beached it and got the hand double out. We drew straws to see who got the first shot. My cousin won and loaded both barrells, took aim at a large fishing float about 20 feet away and pulled the trigger. Both barrels went off and the gun recoiled and hit him in the face. He threw the gun into the lake, never to be seen again! That was close to 60 years ago!:)
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I love the Mossy 500, and you will too! But, like Smokey04 stated, you need a stock. Scatterguns are great for HD, and they are at their best with a good stock. I have seen students surprised at how easy it is to miss with a shotgun, and a good number of them tried the entry style you have. I can't think of any that didn't end up retro-fitting them with a service grade stock.
Already done...

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