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Bought a CZ Canvasback O/U

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Just wanted to say thanks to all who replied to my query about the Mossberg Silver Reserve. After getting several retailer's opinions (including the Bass Pro guy who offered to sell me a $350 gun INSTEAD of putting me in a Mossberg) I was stuck.

I looked at the Mossberg, Stoger's line, Baikal's (now Spartan by Remington) and other budget guns before I settled on the CZ. Actually, I had ruled out CZ because the local gunshop quoted me over $800 to order the Canvasback. Everyone said it was the best gun under a Grand, but my budget was more like $500.

Well, lo and behold, I attended the local gunshow last weekend and there was a CZ direct dealer, with a Canvasback 12 gauge for $585. I talked him down to $550 and walked out with it. Bought 2 extended Trulock choke tubes the next day and I was set to kill some clay.

I've shot 3 rounds of Sporting Clays over the last 3 days at 3 different ranges and I must say that after 200 rounds I'm very happy with the purchase. My roommate has a Citori, and the wood to metal finish and bluing is just as good. It's less ornate, and has extractors and not ejectors but for less than 1/2 the price I can't complain.

So, if you're in the market for an O/U or a SxS and don't want to drop $1300, check out the CZs - they're like the XDs were 2 years ago; an often-overlooked quality firearm that can be had for a real bargain!

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Field and stream did an article on the new shotguns for last year and the CZ was best buy,must get, winner. It went up against all the bigboys like ruger, browning, beretta, Kimber, and the like. They said it fit everyone and pointed very naturaly..... this article made the CZ my top choice for my next shotgun. I already have a Beretta Urika AL391 autoloader and love it, but I still want an O/U shotgun! Congrats on the new gun!!
Nice shotguns, aren't they? Very well made and less than half the price of a Beretta 686 or Browning Citori.

I want one in 20 gauge...for a dove gun.

Maybe this fall I can srcounge up the cash for one.

- Brickboy240
20 ga canvasback

I was looking for a $600 shotgun. Went to Dicks Grand opening because everything was suppose to be on sale....ended up no guns on sale..was going to purchase a 20 ga Savage/Stevens O/U $599+tax until I noticed the center bead was off center. Took a long shot and went to Gander Mountain where they had some end of the month inventory sales which I thought was unusual because I never saw any good sales in the past from Gander. Purchased a CZ canvassback for a reduced price of $540+tax new in box...very happy with it will use it for quail gun this year.
Was told that the CZ was a better selection for low priced shotguns. Also saw a nice Smith Wesson double 20 at a reduced price of $1305, if I had the gold I would have bought it also.
I haven't found a gun CZ made that wasn't of quality.

I need to get a 75
Wow, this post pulled a serious Lazarus - I started it 3 years ago!

Since it's here, a quick update. The CZ is still going strong. I just pulled it out of storage and shot sporting clays last week. However, I had a buddy buy a brand new one and the fit/finish has gone downhill. The safety/barrel selector is different, the wood is not as good and the finish is a flat black instead of a glossy deep black like on my gun. The wood is more proud against the metal as well, an obvious result of less fitting. I don't know about durability of the new ones, I doubt CZ has started to skimp on the internals, but they've definitely cut some costs on the finish and wood.
haha, I didn't even notice...gotta love noobs searching for info.
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