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Hey guys, I'd like to get some opinions on the BlackHawk shotgun stocks.

Here a couple of years ago I had a BlackHawk SpecOps with the Knoxx system for my Mossy 500. I liked it pretty damn good, but ended up selling it on here after a couple months of owning it. IIRC it seemed awkward to hit the slide button, as the Mossy's are irritating anyway, with the SpecOps grip more so than the factory pistol grip.

My question is how many ppl have used the SpecOps vs the SpecOps GEN 2? Is the GEN 2 any different or a better product? Thinking of just getting the 2 along with the matching forearm. Time to tacticool my 500 again LOL!

Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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