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Best Folding Stock for Mossberg 500?

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Hey Everyone,

I've had a Mossberg 500 pistol grip for almost 10 years and decided I want add a folding stock. Anyone have any opinions? I saw YouTube on adding an ATI folding stock .... Looks good. Any thoughts.

Thanks in advance!
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Folding stocks are nice except when folded out they tend to be long. Have you considered an adjustable stock? The oneI have is awesome. 6 positions and recoil surpression.
I haven't ... Can you share what you have? I'll take a look. Thx
I have a Phoenix Technology Kick Light 6 position stock on one of my shotguns. I love it. It cuts about 30-40 percent of the recoil out. This is if you don't mind a pistol grip style stock. Its the same concept as an AR15 type stock. Here is an address to amazon were they sell them prolly cheaper than anywhere I have found.
the problem is catching them in stock with all this proposed gun ban hoopla. Also, I have it on a Mossburg Maverick 88. Just the cheaper model of the 500.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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