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Beretta 303 Auto

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For the last 15+ years I have hunted only with SXS & O/U shotguns, toward the end of last season I got in a trade a 12 bore Beretta A303. Screw in chokes 28" barrel pretty decent shape.

Anyone have any experence with one of these? Anything I might need to know? Anything I need to look out for?

Never thought I'd ever go back to an auto but so far this thing is pretty sweet! Carries well, shoots well, shoots fast really starting to like this auto.

So are parts still available or do I trade it off?
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the 303 was the beretta workhorse of the 90's. they will crud up, up front, so keep them clean.
the 303 was the beretta workhorse of the 90's. they will crud up, up front, so keep them clean.
Thanks bobski, always try to clean 'em after I shoot 'em. Will give that piston extra attenition.
if ya ever get bored and need a road trip, come on out east to mo. and spend a day at my range and shoot it! cheers!
Had one for a couple of years during the 90s. Great gun, beautiful to look at and pointed great, worked flawlessly. A bit of a pain to break down and clean thoroughly, but a rock of a shotgun. Easily sold it for what I had in it at a point in time when I needed the moola.
There is a gunsmith named Jack Concannon, Team USA member, who specializes in 303s - tricking them out, has extra springs, etc. He lives mostly in MD but snowbirds at Fishhawk Sporting Clays in Lithia, FL.

You might touch base with him about either parts or some custom work if so inclined. A gun writer friend of mine named Bruce Buck (a former Olympic team alternate and coach) praises them as the best gas guns Beretta ever built.
The 303 is a very desirable gun. It is the predecessor of the 390 and 391 and it is very reliable and well balanced. Many of the replacement parts are the same as the aforementioned guns. You have made a great choice and should not have to modify anything from the OEM configuration. Anyone who is experienced with the 390 or 391 Beretta's will be able to service your gun.
what about the 301 and 302? where did they all go?
The 303 is probably better then the 390 and 391. A little heavier then the others with the 391 being the lightest. Easy to repair and not many problems. Probably should replace the spring inside the stock as they do go bad and loose their tension. Also the hammer spring but those are both available from JB springs and easy to replace. motordoc
beretta 303 is a tank, there's no mud, rain, sand that can stop it.
You only have to clean it once a year in particular in the bar in front of the tubolar shell charger (dirt residues can hindering the sliding of the piston) and in the stock spring.
I advise you not to shoot too much magnum shells, there are other shotguns to do it like a a390.
Barrel's are excellent, but i think that barrels with serial numbers AxxxxxF or BxxxxxF and CxxxxxF are the top, those barrel with this serial numbers are produced in '70 and first '80 years for a301 and a302 and you can interchange these.
For the a 300 series beretta created some special barrels for clays shooting, named "special trap" "special skeet".
Others legendary barrels you can assemble on your gun are BREDA of breda model "altair" and "aries" or BMB barrels (always produced by Breda) or browning barrels of b80 model, in fact all these models are beretta a300-1-2-3 made by beretta license and the 99% of mechanical parts are interchanchable.
A303 is a bit heavy than other 300-1-2 and the wood handle is bulky because the cut off release button.
In italy many part are avalaible because an italian company can produce this parts.
If you need some of this parts i can order and sent you what you need.
sorry for bad english

best regards

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I forgot. They do have a problem with the back corner foot on the chrome bolt breaking off. I have not found a way to repair it and the replacement in new is not available. There are a few used ones around but make sure to check that also
Beretta 303 has achieved semi-cult status among shooters in the know...should have no problems finding parts if and when you need them...
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