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Benelli Super 90 M4 or FN SLP

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The Benelli appears to regularly sell for twice the price of the FN SLP. However they both pretty much seem to be the same except that the M4 is more widely used and has a pistol grip. Is there any advantage? Is it worth it? Are there any better semiauto shotguns? I heard most of the other competitors have reliability issues
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I just made the choice between Benelli and the FN SLP. I picked the FN SLP - not for price, but for quality.

There is no doubt that the Benelli is a fine shotgun.

The Benelli is one of the most used shotguns in the 3gun sports, but it seems that the SLP is getting popular as well.

I have become a big fan of FN as a company - I now have 4 of their products and have had zero malfunctions from 3 of them. The fourth has not had a round through it yet. I just got in my scope and will get it to the range at the end of this week.

I'm sure either one is a good pick. There does not appear to be a bad choice here.

Good luck
I have owned both, and incidentally, no longer have either of them.

Although I am not a fan of FN products, at all, unless we are talking FAL's....

I must say, my FN SLP 18" was a great shotgun. Like other FN shotguns,such as the TPS, it is based off of Winchester actions. I believe the FN SLP is a SX2 action. Good, reliable, and fast. Nice shotgun.

Bang for the buck, I like the FN.

Overall, money doesn't matter, I'd go M4.

Either way, you are getting a good boomstick.
My Benelli M4 is up around 12,000 rounds now. It started life as an 11703 model, and was updated to an 11707 model by Benelli. I've beaten it, drug it through the Mojave. Did countless upgrades to test new products with it. Shot the piss out of it. It cycles the hardest kicking slugs you can find to the value pack walmart crap without having to adjust anything. You can candy cain weak crap and hard stuff in the mag tube and it'll cycle it all.

It absorbs recoil better than any other shotgun I've used. Partially due to the weight, but also due to the design.

The FN shotgun is okay. However, I dislike most FN weapons also. Absolutely hated the FN PS-90 (too many problems to list) and the FN Five-Seven (hated the safety). Their only good aspect was they held their resale value.

Before anyone cries about the 922 legality issues, here is what you do. Buy a US made follower, magazine tube and a stock. Mesa Tactical is releasing their Urbino shortened LOP stock soon. Brownells has the US made follower. Get CarrierComp's titanium magazine tube.

Do not pay over 1450 shipped for the M4. They can be had on Gunbroker from 1350 - 1400 fairly often.
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Ever thought about a Beretta 1200FP or 1201FP? Same inertia-operated system as the Benelli… here's my 1200FP… GREAT shotgun!

These can be had for $400 ~ $500…
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Ever thought about a Beretta 1200FP or 1201FP? Same inertia-operated system as the Benelli… here's my 1200FP… GREAT shotgun!

These can be had for $400 ~ $500…
The M4 isn't inertia driven; it's gas-op.
The M4 isn't inertia driven; it's gas-op.
You are correct! I get carried away when I hear/see Benelli... ;)
I sold off my Mossberg 930 SPX and FN SLP tactical after buying and firing my M4.
Even just by handling all 3, you can how much more quality is in the Benelli.
I believe the operating system is considered both. Inertia driven with the A.R.G.O. System.
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