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benelli shotgun for hd

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been looking about I have been looking at the rem 870 tac. which will chamber up to 3". came across a benelli Nova tac for a bit less than the 870 tac about 100 less. I am fairly new to shotguns and some imput would be helpfull. this will mainly be used as a hd but will be taking it out just for fun clay shooting from time to time
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You are either getting a really good deal on a Benelli Tactical... Or that 870 is way overpriced...

Benelli Novas are more expensive than 870's...

If you can get a deal on a Nova... I say go for it over the 870.

**EDIT; You are not going to want to shoot trap/clay with an 18'' no choke barrel.
I just go to a friends land which he has 800acres. i might get a longer barrel later just for that later on
found the benelli for about 360
The Benelli is a nicer gun in my opinion... Although extra parts / barrels are going to be harder to find.
I got the Remington 870 and have 3 barrels for it. When its at home I've got the short smooth barrel on it. I swap it with the long barrel with the modified choke for shooting clays. I also got a rifled one with traditional sights for sabot's. I've started a wish list of mods at Brownells, there are thousands of after market mods for the Remington.
If you want to leave it stock, get the benelli.

If you want to hang doodads on it/"customize" it, get the 870.
I'd say get an 870 combo if your gonna shoot clays with it. Not sure what a tactical model consist of but I wouldn't want to be shooting at clays with a pistol grip. I use a mossberg 500 youth for a home defense gun. Just plan Jane with a shorter stock on it. It's the gun I got my gf for shooting clays. It's short enough to be practical for moving around my house but is long enough to shoot clays with.
If you want to leave it stock, get the benelli.

If you want to hang doodads on it/"customize" it, get the 870.
I found 'doodads' for my Benelli, and they weren't too expensive. Got a Nordic Components +2 mag extension with rail equipped barrel clamp, a Mesa Tactical integral picatinny rail and shell holder, a Xenon flashlight, and a Burris Fastfire II dot scope. Thinking of swapping out the Comfort Tech stock for a Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock. I like the pistol grip and the price is good.
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