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Benelli M4

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I want a benelli m4 n e one is selling? or first of any thhoughts on this shotty??
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Nice shotgun.

There are (of course) other options, so the intended use would drive you to your best choice.

Good luck
have you ever shot it? i dunno too much about shotguns but i def want to add one to the collection
they are nice and VERY light, but I don't like how the safety works and they tend to kick a lot.

Reliable, solid guns - but I think you're paying for the name more than anything else. Def. not worth 1k+ used unless you ooze money.
there are a lot of ways to mod this shot gun so depending on what you plan to use it for, it may be the perfect fit. it is very flexible.
Very light compared to what? The M4 is very heavy duty. The ARGO system adds nearly a pound to the weapon compared to say an M2. The weapon is reliable with a wide range of ammunition. From cheap valuepack birdshot to the hottest buckshot or slugs you can find. All without having to adjust any gas port settings.

The M4 is expensive. Any aftermarket parts are also costly. Adding a weapon light to it is not the easiest thing to accomplish, but it can be done.
i may have to look at another like the moss 500
if you want a semi auto look at the Mossberg 930 spx

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Same here... I like the Benelli M4. But that 930spx is looking extremely tempting at roughly half the price.

So what's the difference? What is Benelli offering for the extra cash? Is there fit&finish better? Tighter tolerances? All in the name?

Definition of reliability. I've never found a pump or semi shotgun easier to disassemble and clean. My old Mossberg 590 is a clusterpuck to disassemble compared to it. Not having to adjust the gas system depending on what shells you're shooting is the way it should be. You can cycle that crappy handicap birdshot or a 3" magnum slug without any trouble. The sissy load will easily load the mag load and vise versa.
Recoil is minimal on the M4. A typical day will see 250 - 400 rounds on my shoulder. Minimal bruising. This is a result of weight, ergonomics and a gas piston operated weapon. The pistol grip is hard to beat for absorbing recoil.

Get an 11707 or a 11717 and you're in business right out of the box. Run it wet. They can be had for 1400 - 1500 on gunbroker all day long. Excellent resale value also.
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Love my M4, though its very expensive. Got to pay to play :p

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M4 is a great choice for a protection style shotgun.

You might also consider a FN SLP or SLP MK I. I have been using one for a while now and they are excellent. This is the only shotgun I've found that I prefer to a Benelli.

FN Self-Loading Shotguns

Good luck
I spent some time with the M4 in garrison and in Iraq. Very easy to handle and had no second thoughts about going into a building with it under fire. Easy to fire, manipulate controls, and smooth insertion of the shells.
Where can you get differnt choke tube for them?
How about benelli or inquiring on benelli USA forum? Myself , I never thought of changing out the choke. I can judge this gun well as it is. To the original question on page 1 ,
Sure there are many other good SG options but this is an amazing gun. I felt most all of them at various ranges. The m4 even has that quality solidness I look for. Like slamming a door on a Mercedes as opposed to a mercury. That solid feel of strength for the lack of a better term.
Pay the doe and enjoy it. You know you'll wish you had. Mine has a super smooth feed and action. Top shelf riot gun.
If you happen to have the money for it does the comment that Shotgunpro above post mean anything at all?
It should . That's life or death use of it. It don't get more tested! . It says it all to me.
Can I just say I was downtown,very close by on that day and watched what I thought might be my last emergency on a NYC street. Met my wife there that day, made a couple of friends to. This is off subject but the gun leads to the comment, the comment by Shotgunpro leads to why you would want to trust the premium M4 and it's price and that all leads to why the man was using an m4 in Iraq etc. so I'll say
thank you very much for your service ... I was a bit to old for Uncle Sam when my towers fell.
Support your troops.
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