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Benelli M4 help

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I was wondering if anybody has replaced there mag tube with the one in the link. How did it work and how easy was it to replace. Any pics woudl help. The reason I am looking at the TAN one is because I have a camo M4.

DESERT TAN Titanium FL Magazine Tube + Premium Spring - carriercomp
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You need a heat gun. The job is easy. I've done two of them. Remove the spring retainer, spring, follower and the limiter. Pull the barrel, trigger group and bolt carrier assembly.

Put the receiver in a padded vice. Direct the heat inside the receiver where the stock mag tube is threaded into the receiver. You may need 5 to 15 minutes of heat. The locktite will start to smoke when it is releasing. Every minute or two, try to untwist the stock tube by hand. A strap wrench isn't needed because you don't want to over torque the tube and twist the receiver. Hand strength will limit the torque you can apply.
When it starts to release, the tube will unscrew about 1/8 of a full turn, then stop. Apply more heat and repeat until it is removed.

When it is out, the receiver will have white dust in it around the threads. Clean this all up. Acetone works well. Essentially, it's powderized locktite.
The bracket for the handguards is held captive by the tube, transfer it to the new tube.
It is up to you if you want to apply locktite to the new magtube. I rather easy removal for deep cleaning routines. Simply thread the new tube in with the handguard bracket in place. Tighten the tube firmly. Drop your follower in along with the provided magazine spring. Install the spring retainer with a pair of snap ring plyers. Reassemble the weapon. Verify seven 2 3/4 shells fit in the mag tube. If the last shell won't fit, trim a half coil from the spring until it does.

Hope this helps. It's an easier job than it sounds. Assuming you get the right tools. Heatgun (not a hair dryer), snap ring plyers, acetone, wire brush to clean the receiver threads of locktite.
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Here are some photos to help.

Benelli Receiver in a vice, I used balsa wood to protect the finish.

Here is the stock tube removed. The handguard bracket is still on the threads. Note the white and green stuff on the threads. That's the locktite.

Here is the receiver after I removed the factory tube. Note the white crap all over the place. It looks worse than it really is.

Here is after I cleaned up the receiver.

After the installation:
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That looks like green locktite - are you sure you have to heat it up to remove? I'm sure it can't hurt though.

I've never done the job you describe before, just asking out of curiosity.
Heat is needed or you risk twisting the receiver. Naturally, there are no receiver blocks available for this weapon. In mine, I retracted the bolt to the rear and left the trigger pack in place. This helped support the receiver.

However, I would remove it all and just heat it enough that it unscrews. The heat gun is cheap. I got ones at Lowes for 20 - 25 bucks.

Be careful of camo finish. Excessive heat might damage the finish. I would direct most of the heat through the hole the barrel assembly fits in at the part of the receiver that the magazine tube threads into. Heat convection will heat the entire tube sufficiently to break the hold of the locktite.
Sounds to me like you know what you're talking about there :D Thanks
Thank you for the help. I just ordered the mag tube today. Your pics and instructions our great.
Still Happy?


Are you still happy with the upgraded tubes? Are they holding up OK?

Thanks in advance!

Are you still happy with the upgraded tubes? Are they holding up OK?

Thanks in advance!
Couldn't be happier. I watched some youtube videos before where they were driving over the same titanium tube with a truck, and it wouldn't dent or squish it.

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Hello everyone,

This is my first visit to your forum, my name is Luis and I serve in the Spanish military. I found this great forum while I was trying to find some info on how to change the magazine tube of a Benelli M4. The process described by StrangerDanger is very precise and clear, so thank you for posting it. Nevetherless, though I've followed your instructions to the letter, my mag tube simply refuses to unscrew. Heat gun, vice...all every detail.The shotgun is brand new, it hasn't even been tested yet. Am I missing anything?

Thank you very much in advance, and congratulations for such a great forum.

Luis, I also used the forum here to help me change my mag tube.
I had to turn the heat gun I had up on high to get the red Loctite to break loose in mine.
I only had to heat mine for 4-5 minutes on high, holding the heat gun 3-4 inches away and my finish is still perfect.
Some M4's have lower temp green Loctite, some have red, and not all heat guns are equal.
I know I tried for 20-25 minutes with my heat gun on low, and nothing.
But after turning it on high it only took 4-5 minutes.
Some guys got lucky with the green Loctite, I believe it will get soft at 150 degrees, but the red I believe is closer to or above 200 degress.
Just installed a Benelli +7 tube on mine. The key is taking ur time. Heat it and twist with a gloved hand. Reheat it and twist some more. Time consuming but you'll be happy when it doesn't ruin ur $1700.00 shotgun.
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