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Barrel stretcher?

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My father has a Stevens double barrel (chromed) that has one inch under legal length barrels. He used this for over thirty years in law enforcement as a city police officer, game warden, and deputy sheriff. Now that he has retired he would like to find a way to make it legal for civilian possession. Anybody have some ideas? He is on a fixed income and this gun is not worth a lot of money so sending it to custom shop to be fitted with new barrels is probably not the answer. Since I do some small time smithing hand guns and air rifles, he asked my advice, but this is way out my league. That's why I'm here to ask the pros.:confused:
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try installing extended screw in chokes that extend beyond the muzzle and tighten by hand. some even have extra length with porting on them.
call briley and explain your situation.
good luck.
That was my first thought too, Bob. The question I would have is that since the extended chokes are removable, will they make the gun legal.
solder them in.
but to be honest, the chokes and work will cost more than the value of the gun.
but its your heirloom. you must decide.
simply put...your gun is ruined now. how much more can you ruin it?
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