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I used to fly around 20+ times a year, did so for over 20 years and always wondered if my checked bag would arrive, especially when I had connecting flights.

Well, now I only fly around 6 times a year, but I still wonder if my checked bag will arrive with me as I do connecting flights on a couple of those flights.

Not my idea, but I read something about putting an AirTag inside my checked bag and then using the "Find My" app that comes with the phone.

Well, it worked like a charm. Got to Phoenix airport, got to the gate and checked and it said my luggage was 300 feet away. Checked again just before boarding and it said the luggage was 80 feet away, so it was in the plane.

Got to my first destination, went out on the jetway to wait for Mrs. Flash's walker to be brought to us and checked the app. It said my luggage was around 60 feet away. It was then that I wondered if the walker had made it also and wondered why I'd failed to get an AirTag for it.

Anyway, got to my final destination airport, went to baggage claim and checked the app which said my luggage was around 80 feet away and sure enough, I looked up and it came down onto the baggage carousel.

Went to an Apple store where I was staying and bought another one for the walker.

Coming back, same thing, found out how far away my luggage was and also how far away the walker was.

Walgreen has a deal where you can get 4 of them for just under $80.00 or Amazon has them for $24.98/ea.

These things are great if you check bags and would also be good on a dog's collar if you let them roam on a ranch or hunt them.

Would also work great for people who lose keys a lot, put one on your key ring.
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