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Anyone used the Remington 887 nitro mag?

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I've been using the trusty 870's the last twenty years. Well..... The wife got me the new Remington 887 Nitro mag for Christmas. I love this gun! I was able to smack up some deer with it too. I was just curious on your experience with it. There are some 50/50 opinions on it all over the web, but I love mine!!! 0 issues, and makes quick hamburger!

Anyone else using one for deer hunting? Your thoughts?
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We bought a new one a few months ago at a local gun show, my first 12 guage in about 20 years. My son and I love it, light recoil, great fiber sights, excellent capacity compared to a Bennelli Nova Tactical pump that I was looking at. The first outing 4 of us shot it, about 120 rounds, not a single problem. We don't hunt but I can only imagine that it would be an excellent hunting gun.
I just bought the 887 Tactical about a month ago. Haven't had a chance to hit the range with it yet but I don't believe I'll have any issues...hopefully.
I am glad to hear you love it, I was looking into getting one of these and after hearing your good experience I think I will pull the trigger!
I have had no issues with my friend's 887 and i really love it, but I am waiting to see if Remington comes out with an autoloading version before I buy one.
I love mine! I have the tactical, the only complaint I have is I want a pistol grip for mine but there doesn't seem to be any aftermarket parts of any kind and I have searched high and low!!!
I bought my wife the tactical about a month ago. She loves it. Very low recoil. The recoil pad is great. I also like it. I did read about some of the negative things about it, but she liked the way it felt and since it already had the rail and fiber optic are what she wanted anyway. We have fired about 4-500 rounds through it with no issues. The fiber optic makes tracking very easy. Its true that there is basically squat for aftermarket items, but it's my wife's gun and it is pretty much set up the way she wants it. Probably add a sling and light and that's it.

Pretty easy to pick up the front sight even in green background
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