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Anyone else here have a Stoeger Coach gun?

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Figuring I sent my XDm off to Canyon Creek to get worked on...I needed a new bedside gun. I looked at different options and landed up getting a side by side 12ga Stoeger.

Now...before you ask, no, it is not one of those goofy "double defense" models. I landed up getting their Coach Gun Supreme with the nickel/walnut. The single trigger of the DD really turned me off to it, as did the added weight of that goofy rail. I loved the "old school" look of the supreme and those awesome double triggers...

I'm not going to say the fit and finish is flawless but it is far better than I expected for my $399. I did take it out and pop some 50 rounds through it and although my shoulder is shot well every time.

All in all I'm pretty happy I got's super easy to load, easy to shoot and I don't have to worry about short stroking it. I swings better then my FN TPS as well being much lighter...
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Never shot one, but I had a stoger condor O/U when I was younger. It was a good gun despite some of what I heard. Im easy to please though. There is just something nice about breaking that action open that i love about any break open shot gun.
I never owned or shot one of these guys. But I used to sell them and for the price they feel real nice with shouldering and pull. Wouldnt mind adding one to my collection if found for the right price.
I had one that I sold to a friend who fell in love with it during a range trip. I really liked it, and the fact that it can be broken down for traveling is very nice.

If you want some real fun find some Aguila Mini-shells. They are tiny shells, and firing both barrels at the same time feels about the same as firing one round of 2 3/4" birdshot. Also, two mini slugs fired at the same time ended up roughly 5" apart at 25yds. That has to be some hurt on an intruder. Just remember to practice those reloads.
I love my DD and I think it makes a great bedside gun with a light attached to it.
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I have the supreme coach with the double triggers. I LOVE it. I even have taken several ruffed grouse with it. It's always either that or my 870 by the bed at night.
I bought one to cut down to "legal" lenth and I love it perfect for manuvering around corners looking for the boogieman
The Stoeger double is a good gun, wish I still had mine.
I've got really good close-range guns, but a good, short double imbues me with confidence. Then again, I actually practice with my shotguns.
I like my H&R Pardner Pump (18" barrel, steel receiver) but NOTHING handles like a double. I'm going to get another very soon.
I have two Stoeger Coach guns in 12 Ga. Stoeger has poor qaulity control and is puting bad wood on their guns. My first one split the stock at the receiver. Sent it back and three months later it arrived with a new stock. Shot two it for for three months and it split again. Had to put brass pins in it to hold it together. While it was out for repair I bought another one to shoot as Im a Cowboy Action Shooter and did not want to keep borrowing a shotgun for matches. After 4 months use the fore grip just slit right down the middle. Im not sending it back as UPS has a new policy that all guns have to be overnighted at the cost of $100.00 dollars. I will never buy another one.
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