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Anybody have a LH 870?

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Ive been thinking about getting one but would like to shorten the barrel, would any barrel work, or would I need a special LH barrel?
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Barrel is the same, only the stock is different.
The stocks different? I thought it was just the receiver?
Stock would have a slight curve to it I believe. Might want to call Remington just to verify but I've never seen any ID on a barrel that indicated one or the other.
if it's ejecting out the left side of the receiver the only thing that might be the same would be stocks.

it's gonna require a different style barrel that you'd likely never find without getting custom made.

as a left handed shooter, with a pump gun I'd stick with the regular righty.

the shells aren't gonna smake you in the face when they eject and I do believe you can reverse the safety fairly easy on the gun.

I assume this is what you're talking about

Pump Action Shotguns - Model 870 Express - Remington Shotguns

and I doubt you'd ever find a side saddle for tacticool purposes.
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That would be exactly what I was looking at.
I found a guy at work with a standard 870 that hes gonna let me try
it's pretty easy to manipulate left handed.

I'm partial to the Mossberg 500 as I love the tang mounted safety though.

it's very fast to work with the thumb of the trigger hand. Just don't put a pistol grip on one. makes the safety out of reach.
it's pretty easy to manipulate left handed.
Are you lefthanded?
Im thinking that the only "lefthand" gun I would want/need is this revolver Ive got my eye on.
I am.

and nah, I don't bother with lefthanded guns.

sometimes the idea of a left handed bolt rifle sounds nice but I'd have to relearn how I shoot them.

there's different techniques to use when reloading a revolver as a southpaw, there's a few good youtube vids on it. And the only lefthanded revolver I can think of is made by Charter.

you'll be fine with the 870 as a left handed shooter. the only thing needed is swapping the safety button around where it's easy to press off with your trigger finger.
That would be the one I was refering too.
I was initialy looking at a 9mm revolver, and came across it.
I dont see the point in getting a lefty bolt action, on a standard I have a feeling I could reload faster
reloading a revolver left handed isn't difficult either.

much like sitting in the old school desks, we just kinda get used to it.

I still cuss when looking for a house ball at the bowling alley though.

it's just learning different techniques.

I'm not fast at all when it comes to reloads on anything however.

Close-up lefty reload - YouTube
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Ive been thinking about getting one but would like to shorten the barrel, would any barrel work, or would I need a special LH barrel?
I'm a left-handed 870 shooter. I have had no problems with shooting a RH model 870. A note of knowledge, a LH Remington 870 barrel is different as well as the receiver from a RH model. If you're looking for some serious guidance look to "JD" at AIP Tactical in Scottville, Michigan. JD is a very nice, no-bull kind of guy that will set you up with a proper Rem 870 for home defense. He ONLY works on Remington 870's and 11-87's. He's a Remington Factory Certified Law Enforcement Armorer, certified in the 870 Police and 11-87 Police shotguns. He may still have two or three LH models still available if you really want a LH model. I hope this helps :)
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