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Any thoughts on Norinco (Interstate Arms)

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Any opinions on Norinco shotguns?

Does anyone own a shotgun made by Norinco? I was looking at one of their 12 gauge pumps, modeled after a Winchester model 97'. I was thinking of purchasing one for my dad, he gave me a Winchester 97' years ago (wish I still had it :rolleyes:)... Anyway I was looking at them at Bud's gun shops' site Interstate Arms 12 Ga w/26" Matte Black Barrel/Modified Chok
and read a couple of reviews that rated it pretty decent, just wondering if any fellow XD Talk members might have some insight or opinions. I figure for around $300. it would be worth it for a new gun, with the "old gun" look. Any input would be appreciated :)
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Well I did a Google search on Norinco shotguns, and found some positive reviews on another forum, seems like most owners are really satisfied with the fit and finish and overall quality of the guns. They make a WWI model 97' trench gun that accepts an original style bayonet, looks pretty sweet! Anyway, sounds like it will make a nice nostalgic shooter, when I get the funds I think I'll pick one up.
The Wikipedia entry on the Winchester 1897 is very interesting.

Winchester Model 1897 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It was created by the greatest gun designer ever, John Moses Browning. The '97 was used with such devastating effect in the sweeping the trenches of WWI, that the Germans protested its use. US Soldiers familiar with skeet shooting were deployed to shoot in-coming German hand grenades out of the air. With the hard pad, it might be tough on the shoulder. The Norinco will not be collectable or have the nice finish of a Winchester, so it would not be a good display piece or heirloom. As a range gun the hard butt looks painful. As a home defense gun, there are more up to date options.

If your Dad likes Winchesters, I highly recommend the new Winchester Super X Pump (SXP) Defender shotgun. Related to and improved upon the Winchester 1200/1300 series. Modern in every way yet still minimalist, rugged, and reliable. The safety and slide release controls are the very best positioned; you don't have to shift your grip to use either one. No cheap forearm wobble, as the dual slide action arms are one piece. The rotating bolt locks to the barrel (like an AR-15) not just to the receiver. The inertia-activated bolt makes it the fastest firing pump shotgun (timed at 3 shots in 0.56ths of a second). The brilliant simplified design allows disassembly to the firing pin level in 15-20 seconds. Nice soft recoil pad. Chrome lined barrel. I bought mine new for $309. The alloy receiver makes it very light at 6 lbs 8 oz which makes it very quick handling. Because of the light weight, it does have some kick when shooting 00 buckshot, but not too bad at all. They make 26" and 28" sporting versions too.
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Thanks for your input Wild Rice. My dad does like Winchesters, infact he owns several including a series 1300, although he does not have the SXP. But as of late he's reverted back to buying older guns. He just picked up a very nice condition Winchester model 1906 .22 pump, which got me thinking about the model 97' that he had given me. You made a good point, and I agree about Norinco not be collectible and not making a good heirloom. They may resemble the real thing, but they just don't have the history and wear that gives them character that makes them unique. I think I'll probably just wait for the right deal to come along and shop for a "real" 97'. I'm sure my dad would appreciate receiving either gun, but at least with the Winchester, you know it won't depreciate in value. Thanks again for your comments.
I've had the Norinco 97 Trench gun for a few years now. I haven't shot more than about 50 rounds through it but it works great. Its fun to slam fire it and it operates pretty smoothly. The only problem is that it does kick pretty hard. Not unmanageable though.
I have the IAC Hawk 982 and have NO compliants.
I've had the Norinco 97 Trench gun for a few years now. I haven't shot more than about 50 rounds through it but it works great. Its fun to slam fire it and it operates pretty smoothly. The only problem is that it does kick pretty hard. Not unmanageable though.
Yeah, I was thinking about getting one for my dad, but he has since picked up a nice winchester 97' off gun broker...
but I wouldn't mind picking up one for myself someday... Thanks for your reply, I was hoping to hear from someone who has one.
Great posts, I've been thinking of going for one of those Norinco 97s since it seems the Winchesters 1897 Trench Guns are either pricey or are just 1897s that have been modified into them. I just have this reservation of them being Chinese made but....
I have worked on a Norinco .22 cal takedown rifle copy of a Browning. No parts available and Browning parts did not work (different thread patterns). That turned me off immediately.
Good luck
I have a sbs Norinco pump. It's the 870 clone and it's unbelievably well made. The price is really amazing as well. It's built heavier that the 870 but as higher recoil, 12 inch barrel makes for some big fireballs when firing. Like any clone it's not a perfect copy but for the price, it's a great gun. I would highly recommend one.
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