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Antonio Zoli Shotgun

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Posts: 18 ANTONIO ZOLI O/U 12 GA Info Needed


I recently bought an Antonio Zoli O/U 12 gauge Shotgun at an estate auction. The gun came in a custom fitted suitcase and has a beuatifull engraved and case-hardened receiver, fine checkering on both the stock and the forearm, vented rib with gold bead and double triggers. All a dealer of Zoli's will tell me is that it is probably a post-war production gun. Since values for Zoli's range from $700 to several thousand dollars I would really like to know if this is a field gun or a collectors special.

Here are some photos of the ZOLI. it is a beauty thats for sure.
If any of you are familiar with the ZOLI Shotguns and can help identify the model of this gun, I would really appreciate hearing from you.


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Additional photos of my Zoli Shotgun.
I hope by seeing some of the details of the gun one or more of you will be able to help identify WHICH Zoli model this is. All the company told me is that it was a post-war production for Abercorombie & Fitch Sporting Goods in NYC.


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I can`t help you but that is one fine shotgun!
Thanks, I sure hope I can find the info on the gun. A guy in Oregon has a Zoli O/U on Armslist for $450. It is a plain-jane gun, and going pretty cheap. On Guns International there are about 35+ listed, a couple in the $750-$900 range but most in the $2000 and up range. There is one on sale for $35,000. I wish I knew what I was dealing with in this case. Usually it is not to hard to find a reasonable estimate of 'book-value' for a gun if you dig a little....but this one is proving to be a tough case.
Hi Mayor Al and all since this is my first post on this forum. I can tell you the 10th Blue Book lists eight grades of 12 ga. guns. Since one is a 3"-er and another has side plates, we may be down to six. Of Standard, Deluxe and Presentation, I am betting Deluxe which at that time was $645 @ 100%; $550 @ 98% and $495 @ 95%. This was almost exactly the same numbers for a Winchester 101 Field Grade. (about 1989)

Perhaps this is of some use.

Try contacting Zoli direct on their website for help...

Waldman, Thanks for the "look-up" !

Moondawg, I did send a request to the Zoli site. They said it was made for Abercombie & Fitch and sold in the $1000 to $1500 range.

I am considering listing it on one of the classified web-sites and try to see what attention it gets.
Thanks again for the replies, sorry for the delay in answering.
As a follow up to my search, I found a bird hunter who was willing to pay a bit over $1200 for the gun. He has since used it on three Pheasant shoots and thought enugh abou6t his new gun, that he sent me a report on how fine a gun it is. Made me feel good, althought gun sure was pretty in my display case.
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