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ANTONIO ZOLI O/U 12 GA Info Needed

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I recently bought an Antonio Zoli O/U 12 gauge Shotgun at an estate auction. The gun came in a custom fitted suitcase and has a beuatifull engraved and case-hardened receiver, fine checkering on both the stock and the forearm, vented rib with gold bead and double triggers. All a dealer of Zoli's will tell me is that it is probably a post-war production gun. Since values for Zoli's range from $700 to several thousand dollars I would really like to know if this is a field gun or a collectors special.

Here are some photos of the ZOLI. it is a beauty thats for sure.
If any of you are familiar with the ZOLI Shotguns and can help identify the model of this gun, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

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A couple more photos


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This morning I got a reply to my inquiry from the Antonio Zoli North American Office.

Here's what they say about this beautiful Shotgun-
"Your gun is an early post war model in very good condition.
It is the model we produced for Abercrombie and Fitch.
Value is between $1000- $1500 for 12ga.guns.
Production was late 40s to the 60s."

I am pleased to learn a bit more about this gun.
Thats awesome Al. Youre always finding gems it seems like.
I am learning by doing...sorta. i really like auctions, and am trying hard to find guns that will be either 'Keepers' for me, or 'Flippers' to sell to pay for the ones I want to keep.
I bought a Saiga 308 last weekend, not your typical military-looking has some nice wood and checkering to give it a semi-civilian appearance. Decided to see what I could get for it... Will now have a Puma 357 lever-gun and a couple hundred in cash. I consider that a good trade, as I have more than one 308 already.
Related to that I flipped a Norinco 7.62x39mm 'Hunter' version of the AK at the same time...again making more than $250 over auction cost in the deal. That sort of deal will help pay for the Browning Model 81 30-06 lever gun that I got and would love to keep.

The hardest part is not to let your 'lust' run away with your checkbook in the auction bidding.
Go to the Zoli web site and click on their contact us icon for help.

I have a zoli which my stepfather gave me.Mine has a silver reciever.I priced it out and
found it by two different gunsmiths and I have a book that gives you values on firearms.
Mi e was field grade and open like a lever gun.I was offered half the value and I said it has more sentimential value than $125.
Just to update this thread...I found a buyer for the Zoli that was the gun I pictured in my Opening post. It sold for $1250.00
Since selling it the buyer has used it on three Pheasant Hunts in S. Dakota and raves about the quality of the gun as a hunting tool. He is very happy...which make me very happy also !
We were seriously looking at a Zoli Kronos for ATA trap, and then a gem of a deal on a Perazzi MX-8 appeared.
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