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Another howdy from Kentucky!

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Hey - just heard about this site moments ago... happy to join. I've been toting a shotgun since I was 8 years old. That makes it 44 years worth of experience. My first shotgun was an H&R 12 ga single shot full choke, which I've passed along to my oldest son. Since then, I've picked up another H&R 12 ga (modified) which I passed along to my youngest son, a Winchester model 1300 pump 12 ga, I was given an old Winchester single shot 20 ga shotgun (passed to me from the old gentleman who taught me how to butcher a deer), and most recently an H&R 410 single shot shotgun.

Howdy from Georgetown, KY!

BTW, just a little explanation of the user name... I'm a software engineer who at one time grew tired of trying to come up with an unused name. This one is always available... :D
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